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cucu me update

Cucu me
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Yesterday I had Lab, CT scan and My cancer is back. I finished chemo on October 9 last year.

I'm starting new chemo on February 5.Don't know yet what.

How scare am I you can image.

Ca 125 is 25. I have few mets, not bigger than 10mm in abdomen, peritoneum area and close to the liver.

Some enlarged lymph nodes.

Diagnosed in April 2015 with endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinoma stage 4.

What I'm going to do?????????????????

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Lou Ann M
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But do not give up hope.  I have had mine come back twice and I am still here.  Usually if it comes back before 6 months they will try a different kind of chemo, but both times for me, we went back to the Taxol/Carbo because it was working for me.  You CA125 is stll  low and the mets sound small, that is good.  They caught it quickly which seems good to me.  You are strong, probably much stronger than you think, so you can do this. Hugs and prayer, Lou Ann

Anonymous user (not verified)

I know it's what we all fear, recurrance.  I can only offer you prayers that everything will be alright.  I have read some success stories after a recurrance, so try to stay focused on the positive.  There is a wonderful lady in my city that has stage 4 ovarian cancer and after recurrance is now 3 years in remission.  She is my inspiration, hopefully your doctor will have some success patients as well, or maybe you'll be his new success story.  Hugs Nancy

Cucu me
Posts: 214
Joined: Apr 2015

Lou Ann and Donswife

Thank you

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Cucu me,  I feel gutted for you. But you can do this.  One thing at a time, one step in front of the other. Be strong, knowing you have support among these amazing women.  I'm sending you all the love and light I have!

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I am so sorry, Cucu, that this d*mn cancer has come back but, as Lou Ann said, she's survived two recurrences.  I think we all understand how you feel because we live it every day.  Hang on and hold on to us - we're here for you!!



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I'm so sorry! I so didn't want that to be your result. Cry

I wonder if they will want to remove the tumors along with using the chemo?

Please stay strong and continue to reach out to us for support.

This crappy cancer really does suck!

Love and Hugs,


Cucu me
Posts: 214
Joined: Apr 2015

so nice to have your support.

No surgery, cause they are many all over, only chemo.

I'll keeep you posted

Thank you and love you

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Recurrance! This is the not so secret fear we all live with. BUT, there have been so many new treatments developed in the last few years and many of our number who have beaten even two recurrences. Hang in there and believe that you will beat this. We are all rooting for you!

Red Corvette
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Hang in there! You're strong enough, you're smart enough, and you have all these strong women who love you and care about you. And the Board mascot is behind you too!  As everyone here is saying, take it one day at a time and lean on us, we're all here for you!

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of this new challenge. However, I do believe that treatment will help you reach stability. We are entering a new age with new treatment options and I believe this will be in your favor. I think we all understand what you are dealing with right now. Never, ever give up hope, cucu me! I am in your corner and am rooting for you!

With Much Caring,



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Nothing but a string of four letter words came out of my mouth when I read your update.  Discretion dictates I don't repeat them here. But you know what?  You can do this.  You are strong and when you aren't feeling strong, we are strong for you.  

Peace and strength.


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Double Whammy
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I hope you get on a treatment plan that knocks that cancer outa the ballpark.  Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.


Cucu me
Posts: 214
Joined: Apr 2015

Thank you so much for your words.

Such a great support!

This means a lot to me!

Best luck to all of us.


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Cucu,Go for a short walk by yourself take a deep breath,so deep that you feel your lungs position in your back, upon exhaling let this visiting  fear out of you upon a wide,deep,loud scream, if the tears are there let them flow ,as they flow be resolved that you will never again lose control to cancer or fear it, or feel you must know what to do about cancer, no one knows, you  can only be determined to live now, the best life possible.That's what you should do my sister.


Come to terms with cancer and make clear headed decisions about treatment options, I beg you don't just go with the status quo.Get opinions  and demand to know the expected outcome and the success statistics for that doctor with whatever plan is proposed. Success means extended NED period as a cure is not yet  here but I believe round the bend. It is imperative that you now get second opinions from a non affiliated oncologist.

I have had 5 second opinions , it is absolutely necessary to question treatments and opinions, Maybe to my detrament,yes,but I am co-pilot which leaves me feeling good about my efforts to save me, comes what may.

Please take courage from the many ladies here for years, life will be different but still life, I am so sorry Cucu I wish you peace of mind in a hurry so you can plan your new, hopefully full of pleasant wonders life. NED Is my wish for you and all my sisters.Moli hugging tightly..

Anonymous user (not verified)

Another poster, Takingcontrol58, has her story of NED with stage IV cancer adding Metformin to her treatment.  I read many things about it, and it appears to be a valid reasonable addition.  I plan on asking my doctor about it when I see him next.  I believe it acts on lowering glucose, which apparently cancer uses to grow.  It is also in a clinical trial going on right now by the government.  It might not work for everyone if they don't have high/normal glucose or blood sugar, but in my case, I am borderline high normal and I want to see what he says.  Please read her story and consider this.  Hugs Nancy

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Cuco, you are very much on my mind.  You must be just reeling right now.  I hope as you come up with a plan and start implementing it that things will feel brighter.  As others have said,  there are options out there and they have worked for many women.  No reason you shouldn't be one of them.  Courage.

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I remembered telling my very young grandson how scared I was about a recurrence and he said "grandma, the same way you took care of the first time, the same way you will do it again."  So there, Cu, you will take care of it again.  Off course, your fears are understandable.  Medicine is great and also the body.  You can manage this again.

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Grandson ia a motivator , he is blessed with common sense wisdom, bless his heart.

I am hugging him and you.

Nuff love ,Moli

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This is takingcontrol58.

Please ask your doctor about metformin.  I believe you read my story "NED from Stage IV metasatatic cancer."

When my cancer metastasized, I had mets to liver, spleen and rectum.  After 6 infusions of Taxol/Carboplatin, I still
had 2CM of tumors remaining on spleen and rectum. Refused any more chemo because it is poison.  Was NED within 3 months. 
Last chemo was May2015. Just had another CT last week and still NED.  Only take metformin and supplements.

I would consider getting on the metformin then getting your next CT scan to see if you get any shrinkage. All my tumors disappeared without surgery
while taking metformin.

Then based on the results, you could decide if you still want to get more chemo.  If your mets aren't life threatening, I would look at other options before
just jumping back into chemo. You need to keep your immune system strong to fight the cancer. There would probably be no harm in holding off on chemo
for at least a month or two. I know it is scary but we all need to get over our fear so we can make smart treatment decisions.  The cancer treatment is often
deadlier than the cancer itself.

Do you know if you are insulin resistant or have high IGF-1(insulin growth factor)? These both make cancer grow and metformin gets them
under control.  If you have diabetes, it is the only diabetes drug that is anti-cancer. If you have excess weight,the fat makes hormones (they also fuel cancer). 
Metformin supposedly also kills cancer stem cells. Those are the cells that become resistant to the chemo. Since your cancer came back so soon, you should try
to figure out what is making it grow.  Do you know your genomic mutations. Metformin addresses a key genomic mutation that is found in most cancers.

Best of luck. 



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I am sorry you have to go throught his again. If they are going to start chemo again I can offer what Jan Stevens shared her Dr did when she had a recurrence.  Her's was 4 years later, they sent out a sample to an organization that test your actual cancer tumor against chemo's to see which would work better.  Many times dr's don't do this and immediately go for Carbo/Taxal.  I don't remember the nme of this test and maybe other ladies do but i have heard that it is invaluable to help target the right chemo or chemo combination

Also anything that can target glucose/sugar does starve cancerous tumors and they tend to die off due to the starvation.  That is why naturopath oncologists regularly test glucose levels and shoot for a low reading

the size of the tumors sound real small so that is encouraging that you got this real early.

you can do this, hugs


Cucu me
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Joined: Apr 2015

I can not thank you enough for real!

You amazed me and I love you with all my heart!

I'll ask for metformin, I will ask for the test, that hibridspirits/sharon is talking,

I'm looking for a naturopath in New York city, cause I'm here now.

I'm 130 pounds and I eat organic and healthy.

I lived with enormous stress for decades, now I retired and have the love and the support of my family.

Thank you.


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Cucu, I am so sorry.  You are in our prayers and please let us know how you are doing.  We are here for you.

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