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My 1.5 year free of cancer news

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Hi all, I had my 18 month abdomen,pelvic,lung C.T scan and recieved the report today. Uncle Ned did me a favoure and came to a cosy cofee shop where my hubby and I were celebrating my 1.5 year free of cancer. Uncle ordered a big slice of chocolate creamy cake but did not have enough time to stay and have it so I had to have all his order and mine! I'm a good girl what could I do? By the way I had frequent mild headache which finaly made me feel terrible yesterday in the middle of the night. My dr believes it's kind of migrane headache which starts in the 3th decade. But I'm supposed to have brain MRI if it comes back. Waiting for every one's good news (NED,shrinkage,stable) which all lead to NED Forough

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Good old uncle ned

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Joined: Oct 2014

Thanks Footstomper

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Congratulations, so happy for you! 


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Lets hope Uncle Ned stays around until you move that decimal point one digit to the right and then stay even longer.





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Iceman2, Who could wish me better than you? No one. That's exactly what I dream. Sometimes I dream that 15 years is passed and I'm encouraging others to fight and win by letting them know my story

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Joined: Oct 2014

Thank you Bonnie

It was like a dream come true


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Congrats on NED=ONWARD LIFE!!

Hope your headache goes away soon!

Hugs, Jan

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I love to hear stories of Uncle NED's visits!

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Wonderful news! So happy for your visit from everyone's favorite uncle :)

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SO happy for you!  I hope your headache eases, maybe it was related to the stress of waiting on test results.  Now you can relax.....ahhh...

Smile  Donna~

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Awesome.  Great for you.

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I am so happy to hear that Uncle NED was celebrating with you - as we all are!!



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Just love these reports. Share the karma!!

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That's great, hugs!!!!! So glad for you! Headaches - could be pressure headaches because of worrying qbout upcoming scans.

P.S. Uncle NED and me have the same taste in cakes :-)

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Great news!  And who would have thought that uncle NED had a sweet tooth!   While its a good thing to keep an eye on pain and aches, I too would think that stress due to scanxiety could be the culprit of your headaches.

Very happy for you!

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Thanks every one

I hope the headache was really related to stress, today was fine, no headeache at all.

Jojo, enjoing your vacation?

Alla, me too. It was long time I haven't had cake because I've almost omited sugar, but the celebration without a chocolate cake is nothing.

Jan, YES, onward life

Positive mental, I'm very happy we both recieved good news at almost same time.

Thanks Fox, Medic,Apny, Donna, Marosa







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Mmmmm Yummmm....Chocolate Creamy Cake!! Sounds delicious! Congrats on your 18 month NED report. Just got my 20 month NED report this month as well. Woo-hoo! Life is good!!

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Give Uncle NED a hug and tell him he should visit more of us we miss him.



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Mark, I told him right after I saw him, he promised to do so.

Pandabear,congratulations, life is the best gift we all recieve every morning and I hope it goes on and one for decades for all of us.




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