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when you seek a second opinion

Cucu me
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Sisters, what do you do when you seek a second opinion?

Do you tell your primary onco doctor, do you ask for all your results or the doctors

communicate between themselves....

I'm thinking what I'm going to do if I got bad result from my scanner on 27th.

It's too soon for recurrence, but I was disgnosed with stage 4 in April 2015.

Trying to stay cool....

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I requested a second opinion after my surgery when the chemo meds that my gyn-onc recommended weren't the same as those seemingly everyone else was receiving for the same condition (MMMT of the uterus). I told him that I was getting one and he was fine with it. I simply called a local cancer center and requested a second opinion. I happened to have all of my records to provide to the cancer center but if I hadn't, my gyn-onc would have provided them. I hope this helped. Good luck to you and know that we're all routing for you!

Wishing you strength and good health,
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In most cases, I told my treating physicians that I was going for a second opinion.  Once was after I had an initial consult with my gynecologic oncologist.  I went to Johns Hopkins for a second opinion before treatment to see if the gyn-onc there agreed with the first gyn-onc's opinion.  I also sought second opinions when I was diagnosed with a very rare form of pneumonia called eosinophilic pneumonia (unrelated to my endometrial cancer).  Treatment recommendations that time were all over the board, and I ended up staying with the second opinion pulmonologist.  Another time was when I was told after a screening mammogram that I needed two breast biopsies and the second opinion breast surgeon ended up concluding that I did not need either breast biopsy.  Both of those times, I also told the initial treating physicians that I was seeking second opinions.  When it looked like I needed a hip replacement, I did not specifically tell my treating orthopedist, because I was pretty sure that if surgery was necessary (it was), I wanted to have it elsewhere.  That time, I called the orthopedist's records department to have all my records copied.  I also had to pick up copies of all my MRI's, etc., from the radiology facility, so I could take them with me.  I think a lot depends on whether you think you may want to stay with your current oncologist.  If so, I think it makes sense to let him/her know.  Doctors have patients obtaining second opinions all the time, and reputable physicians would not have any problem with your doing so. 

When you call to make your second opinion appointment, the office should tell you what to bring with you, but I always took copies of all my reports, x-rays and scans (on CD), as well as biopsy slides, if any.  The second opinion physician needs to be able to review any records that would help him/her get a complete picture of your current medical status. 

Alls the best to you!


Cucu me
Posts: 214
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sisters, very helpful information.

I'm so scared for tomorrow can not think clearly.

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i had two second opinions after my diagnosis.  Both wanted samples of the tumor as that helped them determine the correct diagnosis.  My gyno oncologist arranged everyathing and my oncologist spoke directly with Dana Farbers oncologist.  All records were done between dr's.  this way my second opion whent through pathology at Dana Farber as well as their tumor board


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Lou Ann M
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I will be thinking about you.  I would tell my primary if I was going back there, maybe not if I wasn't.  I switched medical oncologist after I had the first recurrence.  My Gyn-Onc helped me and made sure all of my records were send to my present Onc.  I have a medical oncologist and a Gyn-oncologist so I always get a second opinion.  Sometimes they disagree and argue it outn over the phone and then I get their best options.  I left the first cancer center, not because of the Doctor, he was pretty great, but the infusion room was so small they didn't want my husband to wait with me and you had to pull in your feet if someone else had to go to the bathroom.  I am so happy with the Doctor  I have now and the Cancer center that I go to, even if it is a longer drive.  Hugs and prayers , Lou Ann

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