Recurrence or new cancer type.

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In 2005 i had my right lung removed for nscl squarmous. I have been blessed with clean scans so far except for a spot they have watched on my pancreas for the last 8 years. No change in the spot for the last 8 years but this year it has grown 1cm. MRI shows a lesion on my pancreas that he say he doesnt think is the aggressive type of pancreatic cancer and doesnt think it would be a metastic off my lung cancer after being the same size for eight years. I go to visit with him Monday to see what my options are. there has been no biopsy yet. Needless to say I am pretty worried. I have heard pancreatic is even less treatable than lung cancer. He said it is most likely cancer tho of low grade. Does anyone know what they mean by the term low grade? Any input would be appreciated and also prayers would be appreciated.


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    Low grade means a slow

    Low grade means a slow growing, not so fast growing cancer.  If you have to have a sucky diagnosis, its the least awful.  a new biopsy should be performed.  Its had many years to find/develop a new driving mutation.