is the doctor's office moving too slow

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Lung cancer stage 2. I'm from Orlando, my wife was diagnosed just before Thanksgiving. We had our first consultation with a Oncologist on Tuesday January 12.

 He said she would need to have chemo and radiation either way before the surgery to have margins for the surgery.

We are doing two more tests. One to see if the lymph node outside the lung is bad. And a camera to look at the bronkiel stem to see if there is any sign of it there. 

That's scheduled for January 28. So we asked for a chemo appointment to start that process. And tell receptionist says that we can't have an appointment till after the scans are complete?

If she's having chemo either way, can't we set up the appointment now for a couple days after the tests. That way we don't have to wait another week. 

Does this sound weird to anyone? There is no sense of urgency with this office. A group of Dr's consulted on the 8th of January and made all these plans. So why did we have to wait till the 12th to start making appointments? On the 14th we tried to make our (now scheduled app for the 2 tests) and receptionist told us that the insurance was not done processing overnight the consult was only done on the 12th. True on that but the doctors group was done on the 8th so they could have sent the insurance away from processing then, which makes it almost a week. 



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    Yes it seems slow. I know

    Yes it seems slow. I know that it takes about 2 months to get the complete picture and start treatment most everywhere- faster if its small cell.  Get a second opinion working now.  The Moffet Cancer Center would be the most convenient for you and they are very good.