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"Top 9 behaviors and attitudes"...just a little insightful thing

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hey everyone,


 a while back I saw this little list in a magazine.  It is supposed to be a recovery type thing, and I just found it helpful and so I am sharing it here.  I believe that even if positive thinking and meditation stuff doesn't take something away physically, I still believe in, and find hope and strength in insightful things.  i liked this list, and found the hardest one for me was the 9th item.  So, I am working on dreams and plans.

Top 9 behaviors and attitudes


1. Radically changing diet

2. Taking control of health

3. Following intuition

4. Using herbs and supplements

5. Releasing suppressed emotions

6. Increasing positive emotions

7. Embracing social support

8. Deepening spiritual connection

9. Having strong reasons for living


peace and many well wishes,



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Good list. 

I've got about seven of these down, the other two, well, I can't see them happneing. 

Thanks for sharing. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Hi Sue,


Thanks!  Please also know that you are a great source of information and inspiration.  I see many of your posts here, and I see you consistantly reaching out, especially to the newbies like me. 


I am rooting for you.  Know that many folks are cheering you on, and that your posts have great purpose.  I try to stay out of my head-funk, and I think that is what I like most about this site is that people are so helpful and hopeful.  If this shortens my life, I just want to have lived with purpose and the love of others----back and forth.  I am working on the bravery, and some days it is really tough!


Best well wishes.  Thanks again for being a brave voice.  Many prayers directed your way.




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Thank you for posting this. Number 9 is the easiest for me

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Hey Phillie,


Glad you liked the list.  I found this a while back and figured that if I could work on all those things, I would be doing ok and in good spirits.  Number 9 is the toughie for me, but I think if you get the other eight in order, number 9 just follows.


Best wishes, many prayers and blessings to all.  This site has been a big help and a great source of support.  Very positive things!





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I'd feel better about number 1 if I hadn't just chowed down on a quart of triple vanilla ice cream. Guess I'll move on to number 2 and walk for a couple hours as penance.......................Dave

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hey Dave,

i had three sugar cookies as big as my hand today.  And, that was all I ate along with two coffees.  Wish I had a couple scoops of the ice cream to go along.  I'm feeling a little woozie as it is though.  


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