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Still Cancer Free!!!

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Joined: Jun 2014

Had a really long day at MD Anderson. But, I'm happy to say I am 20 months cancer free! My CT Scan and Chest X-Ray were all clear. I go back in July for my last 6 month check up and scans then I go to yearly scans. YAY!!!

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Joined: Feb 2015

Those are such great news!  Very happy for you.  Time to celebrate Pandabear!

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Joined: May 2012

So happy for you!!!!

My three month MRIs and CT scan are next week. Looking forward to reporting good news like you Pandabear!

Maybe we should go out and celebrate together! ;)


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Joined: Nov 2015

So happy for you!

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Great news.  Congrats.

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Skagway Jack
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Great news Panda!   Very happy for you and hoping you're passing on the karma.  I had my scans this week too, but alas I am not sure when I will get my results. 

Celebrate with gusto.

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That's the best news Panda.....yippee!

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Joined: Sep 2015

You were blessed with wonderful news today! I am so very happy for you and hope you take the opportunity to celebrate!





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Awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations,thanks for shring yhis good news

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No reason to stop at 20 months or even 20 years.





Posts: 123
Joined: Jun 2014

Thanks everyone! Just trying to bring some hope to my fellow T1b-ers and Stage 1-ers...:). You guys are the best! Prayers and Positive Vibes for everyone having scans this year! Jack...my fellow T1b-er...I'm sending positive vibes your way for excellent scan results. Keep us posted!! Bonnie...Thinking of you! Good vibes coming your way!! Keep us posted. Hugs, Panda.

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Wondeful news! So happy for you.

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make the rest of your life count. It is a gift. Good for you!

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Joined: Nov 2014

Great, congrats! Keep on shaking hands with Uncle Ned! :-)

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Great news keep it it up

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Panda what great news, treat everyday like a gift now and love life, as I am sure you do.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and the continued cancer free check ups.  Here is to a long and healthy life, filled with love, laughter, and many years of cherished memories.



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That is some awesome news. Have a great year Panda. 


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Congratulations on your great news!! We are always thrilled to hear about Uncle NEDs visits!

Time to celebrate!



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