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Six years on CSN

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Tomorrow marks 6 years that I have been on CSN trying to make a positive difference in the lives of our club members.  For those of you interested in my periodic prognostications, just type in the keyword "Icemantoo" above to search my various posts. What I need now as I will be 73 years young this year is for others to step up to the plate and help me welcome and "ice down" the Newbies.




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You were the very first one who replied my first topic nearly 17 months ago, I opend your profile and read your bio, God knows how inspiraring it was. May 2016 be a year with continiues health and happiness for you ans MRS.Icemantoo




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Just because you are now living in sunny Florida???  Noooooo!  We need you here!  Nobody does it better!   You are our amazing "Public Relations Man" our Lobby man our "Dean".   You calm newbies anxieties... you are a pillar here!  You most probably have a right to retire for time and services given here , but we are far from granting you retirement!!!   Aren't we???Wink

Great big hug going your way!

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We need you here, Iceman! You are a big part of our family!

And six years!!! Wow...that is quite a milestone. 



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Thanks for everything you've done the past 6 years. And, we look forward to many more of your inspiring and uplifting posts, Iceman!!

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Thanks for being there and helping everyone. I will always remember coming out of anesthesia thinking that Iceman was right; there's no way to sugar coat this :)

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iceman,  you are a wonderful poster and source of excellent information here.  There's no retirement on this board.  Now that you are in a warmer climate, how about waterboy? Wink

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One of my biggest issues with this forum is people who come here for some info and never reciprocate the effort that is offered to them. I understand how many just move on with their lives. Good for them. Especially stage 1. Then some guy comes along who "gets" the cure with a simple Da Vinci procedure. But does he move on? Nope. The "Iceman" is overwhelmingly the first to welcome everyone. He sets the compassionate, understanding tone as the foundation to assure a positive outlook. Year after year. This is a man who cares for others. The Iceman will be around for a long time and I nominate him as honorary "Mayor" of our survivors group.

Good health to you Iceman!

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Well, yes, Iceman, you can see how much WE all appreciate you, your efforts to be our greeter and soother in chief!

However, folks, we're missing his point. He wants US to step UP and be there to greet and support others MORE

than we have perhaps, right Iceman?

You can do whatever you want to do, Iceman. But are you passing the baton, so to speak?

Or just encouraging others to step up?


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Skagway Jack
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Iceman,  As with so many others on this site I was welcomed by the Iceman.  May your retirement in warmer climates not adversersely affect your coolness!  Long live the Iceman!



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Six years, wow that is big.  You are one of the leaders of this board and much needed.   When I found out about my cancer, you were one of the first people to offer a welcome and advice, you are valuable to newbies, your wisdom and wit is very important when this scary adventure begins.  No offense though, I look forward to the day when this forum is no longer needed and cancer is no more than a cold.



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Thank you all for the kind comments. I am not going anywhere in the forseeable future. Except maybe the beach or in the pool a 200 feet walk from our villa. I will still be posting especially when the Newbies come on scared sh--less.




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You are the President of our organization and, in case you did not get the memo, there are no term limits to this position. 

I truly appreciated your welcoming me into this club and look forward to all that you have to offer us. 

I am one of the lucky ones that had a small tumor and, at this point, hope that I am cancer free (no scans until the end of the year). You calmed my fears when you pointed out that I had nothing to worry about. However, I have become a part of this family so I am not going anywhere. I have learned so much about our disease from you and all of the others here.

I hold all of you in my heart and highest esteem.




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Iceman, let me use the opportunity and thank you again for the great job you are doing here! One year ago I was scared out of my mind for my partner, reading this board every night, page after page. Your posts were the ones which made me believe that this is not the end, far from it!

I started breathing easier and hope returned to me. You saved me in one of our family's darkest hours. Thank you so much!


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Stands for Old Farts Club, I say keep on keeping on.  Being out of the woods, in cancer terms, doesn't mean we don't trek back into the woods to help others.  Many Thanks.

It's raining here....enjoy your sunny Florida.


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Mayor Iceman, I love it!  You were the first one who wrote to me when I came on here in 2012 for my mom, when she was diagnosed.  I am so glad that you are doing and enjoying yourself in the sun.  Although, I hear Florida is going to be colder the next few days, I think you are still enjoying Florida.  Thank you for all you do to help others.  I agree with Fox and Donna....you make a great Mayor!!!

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I haven't been around here long (since Jan. 6th) but you were the first to welcome me and I appreciate your comforting words of reason.  I only hope I can be as encouraging to others as you obviously have been to so many on this board.  Kudos to you!! 

Thanx again,


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For Icemantoo; the one man welcoming committee!

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Joined: May 2013

Hello Icemantoo, (and Fox)

I was also greeted by Iceman when I first came to this forum. I recieved much encouragement from him and made my impending surgery and recovery go quite a bit smoother. Also read many posts by Fox. I feel like I fall into the people who disappeared that he was talking about. However it was not in my case due to successful surgery and stage 1..but rather a computer that gives me fits sometimes freezing up, running super slow at times etc., to the point that I got to where I seldom use it other than to check e-mail or download pictures from my camera.

Anyhow, nice to see that you guys are still here lending your encouragement and expertise. Iceman cools the newbies down so to speak and I've seen a lots of information on the subject of cancer and cancer treatment by Fox. You two are what people come here for, and do a super job of it. My own experience with cancer went fairly simple. I had a cancer that was confined to the tumor itself, and low grade, but due to location required complete removal of my right kidney. That was just over 2 and 1/2  years ago. All follow up scans, x rays, blood work etc. have been good. I still get a little nervous at check up time, but with something like cancer who wouldn't be?

In closing, thank you guys for all you did for me and the many other people who have checked in to this forum. You guys do so much good for fellow members and do it out of the simple kindness of your hearts. Paying it forward so to speak.


Dan Evans

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I agree.  It was a warm welcome for me too.. even though I havent been here long either.

Keep up the good job!


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     You have welcomed and given hope to so many of us, as new comer and oldies with new problems, normal is seeing and hearing what Iceman is saying on this site! Thanks for being there and helping to keep our fears on the ground and our hopes flying high!

                                                                      Love you for all your kind words,


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