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Is it just me?

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I often wonder if other people experience discomfort in their abdomen on the side of the surgery years after surgery or is it just me?  My surgery was in Oct. 2012.  The more anxious I feel about it, seems the more discomfort I have.


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My surgery was 17 months ago, I didn't have any major pain since then at my abdomen, after a month it felt like i didn't have surgery at all but it's funny, since the moment i was awaked after the surgery i had terrible pain on my upper back, near shoulder at the same side my removed kidney was, it's still there, sometimes better somesimes worse but it's almost always there. I asked my onc and he told me some pains espesially at abdomen can remain for a year or two after the surgery



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No. I have had absolutely no pain after healing from my radical nephrectomy in 2014. I see you had a partial. Maybe it has something to do with that? Maybe calling or going to see your doctor would bring you some peace of mind....Panda

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