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Blood in Stool

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Dear all,

I was diagnosed with stage 1b2 CC in Oct'2014 when I delivered my baby girl. Had undergone radical hysterectomy, chemorad, and 4 cycles of taxol/carbo after. Treatment ended in May'2015. These couple of days found some blood tinged mucous and red colored stuff in my stool. Honestly I freaked out and had a meltdown. Presence of blood just retriggered my past hemorhaging experiences. My brain is also thinking the worst like metastasis to rectum or colon. I'm going for PET/CT tomorrow. Have any of you have the blood in stool issue? Hope to find some encouragement :)

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Hi Ashleyberry,

i have not personally had this issue but I know plenty of woman post treatment who have and it is usually nothing to be worried about.  More often then not, this is caused from radiation damage.  Not always, but often.  I am glad you are getting a pet/ct.  Talk to your doctors about your concerns and I'm sure they will help put your mind at ease.  Congratulations on finishing treatment.  Enjoy that new baby of yours.  Hugs.

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Dear CCfighter,

Thanks for your reply!!! I emailed my oncologists and they suggested it might be due to radiation proctitis, like you said! I did my PET/CT today, awaiting results. Keeping my fingers crossed. You take care! God bless!


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