A birthday, of sorts - musing -

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I joined and posted on this forum three years ago today.

Newly diagnosed and just a little scared, it was the best move I made as I set out on this journey. 

Thank you all so very much for the years of support. For being there for me, and allowing me to be there for you.

I hope and pray that I can continue being here for others, for many a year to come. 

I just went back and re-read my first post. It was interesting, but sad to pass by names of folks who have travelled the path to the end. I'll not forget them. 

Sue - Trubrit



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    That is bittersweet, isn't

    That is bittersweet, isn't it. I don't want to hear of anyone else losing their battle. I'm so angry with cancer for what it does. We all have to go sometime but cancer is so ugly and even when you survive it the story never ends.

    But at the same time there are people who deal with worse afflictions. I think of a guy my age who is in the last stages of MS. I was in the hospital with him this last time. He had one hand that could still do a few things but everything was so hard. Trapped inside his useless body was still the same guy. A great sense of humour, funny and witty, and smart. At least for us there is hope, for him there is nothing. Or my friend's son who is 22 and was born with spina bifida. He's just spent the last 8 months in the hospital due to an invasive infection. He's perefectly normal mentally but has to lie down for all that time because of the infection and the surgeries he's had twice to remove bone from his hips. He's never walked, he's never had the opportunity to do the things I've done all my life. And he never will. Yet he has this positive outlook on life and is a pleasure to be around.

    I'm not being dismissive of how you feel, Sue, I feel the same way, I'm just saying that these are the things I think about when I get really down and tired of the cancer roller coaster. Sometimes it helps and other times I get so down that nothing helps. One sideline that is ugly of me but I can't help it is when I hear people going on about how hard their lives are and whining. I have zero patience for it. Particularly young people.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're still here three years later. Hugs to you!


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    birthday Sue. You and I joined about the same time. It's gone by quickly and it's been quite a ride, hasn't it? It's been bittersweet losing friends and gaining new ones. I also want to encourage those newly diagnosed and I think the best way to do that is to keep fighting and living life to its fullest. Who knows, we may be around for a long time, why not? Again, happy sort of birthday : )