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medical marijuana

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I have read that medical marijuana is very helpful in late stage cancer.  I am not sure what hoops I would have to go through to get it for my dad, but has anyone had any positive experience with this? 

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In the US, getting it varies by state. In states where it is legal, I doubt getting it is difficult at all, if the doctor writes the order.  Pot is way less powerful than most of the other stuff oncologists perscribe anyway.  You read that it is "very helpful."  In what way ?  It absolutely does not beat back the cancer at all.  

Before prostate cancer I was a late-stage lymphoma patient and did a five-chemo drug combination for half a year.  Everything I have read regarding supplements and herbal treatments of lymphoma and leukemia state that none should be used without doctor approval, since many supplements are proven to worsen recovery, by working against the chemo drugs. This is especially well-documented regarding antioxidants: It appears that antioxidants help many forms of cancer cells more than they assist the healthy cells fighting the disease.   A good diet promotes general health, but does not kill cancer cells, which by their very nature are pathological, and do not respond to "health."  My medical oncologist, who holds an astonishing five Board Certifications, including one in the relatively new field of palliative care, is of the opinion that medical pot is of little value, and of no curative value at all.

I have a dear friend who was told she is terminal with breast cancer a few months ago, that further chemo, etc., would give her maybe a year, but most likely less.  She rejected further treatments, going instead with a diet that she read online "absolutely would cure terminal breast cancer."   Well, she is now expected to die any day....she plummeted after the last chemo infusion.

I suspect the most difficult hoop might be in finding an oncologist who accepts what you have read. I am not medically trained, and have no objection to pot being available, as long as there is some scientific determination of what it can, or will not, do for the patient.


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Thank you for your response.  We had a friend dying of cancer who could not eat and was always nauseous and had terrible anxiety.  It was horrible to see.  He had marijuana and it eased some of these symptoms.  My biggest concern is helping my dad feel okay.  His prognosis is not great.  People are saying and I am reading that once it spreads to the bones it is quite painful.  I am trying to explore possible options.  Thank you for you information and advice! 

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How difficult it is to get a medical marijuana "prescription" probably depends mainly on where you live.

In CA, it's a breeze because there are a lot of doctors who set up offices to give out prescriptions to anyone who walks in.  All you have to do there (I did it once, just to check it out) is drop-in, fill out a simple medical questionaire, tell the doc you have some kind of pain (anywhere) and off you go to the marijuana dispensary to get your fix.

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Studies show it is effective for pain, but no study so far shows it can treat cancer. Always look  for research and studies before trying anything. Last thing you want to do is try something just cause someone says it works. 

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