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Good news?

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I had my second chemo yesterday, everything went great (same as the first time).  I'm hoping to get ahead of the pain I had last time by starting Advil last night and continuing agressively today, hoping to ward off the worst.  My chemo nurse said to take Norco the second day, however, I'm hoping I dodn't need it.  I was surprised, however, that my doctor ordered a CA-125 blood test.  Since I had my blood tests at my local hospital the day before (and they didn't order the CA-125), they did it in the infusion center.  My sister and I were talking about not getting any news until sometime next week because of the holidays (and frankly I was a little nervous to hear the result).  The nurse popped back in the room before I left and asked if I wanted to know, she said it was 7.  Before my surgery the test was 85.  I want to think that's good news, but I know it's not always an indicator for a lot.  Anyway, I am surprised that I'm not more elated, but I am glad that things seem to going well. 

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Lou Ann M
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I think that is great news.  My CA 125 has always been real accurate, even when I wish it wasn't.  Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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That sure sounds like good news to me!  My CA125 has always been below 12 so it's not an indicator for me but I wish it was!



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