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Update on DLBCL treatments

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My husband finished six rounds of R-CHOP and four rounds of Methotrexate, administered in the spine, in late November.  He started 17 sessions of radiation on December 14th and is faithfully using Aquaphor to prevent burn. It is really greasy, and he has to make sure he gets it all off in the shower before treatment, but it seems to be effective so far.  He will finish radiation in early January.  His WBC count returned to normal after chemo, but is now slightly lower since radiation started.  The doctor did not seem concerned about his blood work today, although I worry about every little change.  His RBC and Hgb are still low, but the doctor explained that the red blood cells are slower to recover after treatment. His platelets are finally back to normal.  His appetite and energy level are improving, but the peripheral neuropathy in his feet is still annoying him. The tingling in the feet should get better, but it may take quite some time.  His hair is coming back VERY slowly.  His weight is also starting to normalize although we hope to reach his goal weight and try to stay there.  The good thing about this experience is that his twenty pound weight loss caused his previously high blood pressure to reach normal levels.  Since he has started treatment we have both met about 10 friends and neighbors at the cancer center who are also receiving chemo or radiation or both.  It is amazing how many of our friends and neighbors are going through treatment and we didn't even know it.  They were all eager to share their stories with us.  The CSN has been a great help through this experience and we have learned a lot by following the experiences of others.  We will update again when he finishes radiation and we get more feedback from the doctors and tests.  Thanks to all for your encouragement and for sharing your experiences.  It's hard to know what to say to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year because everyone is experiencing different things, but our wish for all of you is a new year of healing, calm, peace, and hope.                    Simone

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I noticed your post had not had any replies, so I am bringing back to the top. I hope your holidays were good and that your husband is almost finished with his treatments. Please do post again to let us know how he is doing?

I also wish everyone here a year of healing, calm, peace, and hope.




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Hi Rocquie,

    Thank you for the good wishes.  My husband finished his 17th radiation treatment this morning and only started to experience a slight burn yesterday. The doctor said that was normal.  He will continue with the Aquaphor ointment for a few weeks.  He meets with the oncologist again on January 20th for bloodwork and consultation and has a follow-up with the radiologist in February. His appetite is nearly normal now and his energy level is much improved.   We were both saying it will seem strange not getting up to go to the cancer center tomorrow. We met so many nice people there and will miss seeing the other patients who had the same morning schedule. Actually, I'm planning to meet one of the women for lunch after her treatments are finished. 

We are hoping that the next bloodwork will show that his blood counts are improving.  His RBC, hgb, and HCT have not been in the normal categorgy since his dx. 

Thank you for asking Rocquie. 

Best regards,    Simone 

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