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Happy Birthday LivinginNH

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I hope you have a wonderful day, and a wonderful Christmas season. 

We are all so blessed that you are here, posting with us still. We need caregivers wisdom, especially through the most heartwrenching times. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Cynthia!  Breath in that fresh NH air and celebrate!

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I hope that your special day is as special as you are.

May the New Year bring you wonderful things.


Marie who loves kitties

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Awwww..  thank you everyone. :)

Rick's mom, both sisters and two little nephews just left my house after throwing me a surprise birthday party.  :)  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to still have them in my life.  And it is just as wonderful to be part of my online CSN family!  :)

Love to you all,  :)


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Hey Cyn

 I saw the posts and wanted to wish ya a very happy birthday. i hope you had a awsum day and thank you sooooo

much for all your feedback. You are truely a angel :) 



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A happy one to you!  My granddaughter was born on Christmas eve.  My wife always sent two gifts at Christmas-for Christmas and her birthday.  

Unfortunately I lost her to a drug overdode a few years ago.  We don't all get to live into our eighties!

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Happy Birthday Cyn.....hope you had a very good one....

all the best love, mags

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Hope it was a wonderful day for you!  And I second being glad you're still here.

Lots o' love~AA

Cathleen Mary
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Cynthia, so sorry I missed your day. Hope you were well celebrated. You sure deserve it!



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sorry for the belated but best wishes!


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Hope it was great


(Seems everyone is having birthdays this week :))

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Hope you have/had a wonderful day full of family and fun!

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Thank you my friends!  :)   I had a very nice day with my friends and Rick's family.  I love when they come up to visit - no matter the occassion.  :)


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