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1st Opdivo dose

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My Mom (age 73) will soon receive her first dose of Opdivo after taking Inlyta for more than a year (previously Afinitor and Votrient). Her initial diagnois was in 2010, with lung mets in 2011.  

She may be receiving this every two weeks, so I'm wondering if we should ask the oncologist about a port? Any pros/cons to consider there? Also, I'm interested to know about the timing of side effects (right away, after 2 doses, etc.) that others may have experienced.


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Hi- Been on it since May- Every two weeks via IV drip - 1 hr + flush.

Dont know much about a port - I was not given an option.  Re side affects. Mine have been minimal practically non existent. Some minor skin rash and a short lived mouth ulcer.

Good luck for yr mum.

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Many thanks for your reply!

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I have gone through 4 doses - no side effects so far.  I have been going every three weeks and will be shifting to every two now that it has FDA approval. I was on Torisel two years ago.

Keep posting!!!!


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I was on it at the max. dose of 10mg/kg of body weight. It eliminated 90% of my mets (15-18). Left me with about 2-3 mets before I was bumped from trial by protocol. I had no side effects. I was able to exercise and run 4-5 days a week. Prior to this med, I had a prognosis of 6 months to live. That was in Oct. 2011. It was every 3 weeks. After votrient is stopped, I want it again.

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My mom, 80 yrs old in 2 weeks, was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer 10 YEARS AGO.  She just started the Opdivo 3 months ago at stage 4 with multiple tumors in her lungs.   She has had little to no side effects at all.  She was told last week that there are new tumors and the existing tumors had grown as well.  Still going to keep her on the Opdivo for a bit yet to see if they slow down.

She has her treatment every two weeks and no port either.  Direct IV Drip.


Good luck and best wishes to you and your mom!

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As a registered nurse ports are extremely beneficial for patients that are hard to get peripheral IV access (AKA "Hard Sticks").  If your mom has good veins then I think she should be okay, but I would still talk to the doctor about it.  I think it's a fairly simple procedure to place a port.  

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I said No. A Picc line or port can be too easily infected (unless i"m just very unlucky). I admit that once upon a time " T'was in another lifetime, one of toil and blood" I was a bit squimish about needles, but now i squeme and squim no more. Having an IV line once every fortnight is absolutely no trouble at all

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Appreciate all of the responses. She's had 2 doses so far without any side effects other than some fatigue. The port went in yesterday and we think that will make the process easier on her. Will have a CT scan at the end of February after 5 treatments and hope for positive news!

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Hi.  I am on Opdivo and I have a port.  I am a very hard stick so this was a good option.  It's completely under the skin so it won't get infected.  It wasn't something I wanted to have done, but it was a good choice.  Since I have to be on this for the rest of my life if it works, then a port is the way to go.  They take my blood from the port as well.  It's not a bad thing. 

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Thanks for your response. Sounds like the port makes the process better. Best of luck to you!

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I am a real hard stick and even after having cancer for over a year I still get very nervous around the needles so my ONC said we are going to the port I had my first Opdivo (without port) on Monday and the only problem I had was sore muscles for a couple of days.  I had the port placed yesterday so I am hoping for better luck the footstomper had because I don't like the idea of having an IV and blood draws every two weeks without the port.  Best of luck to your mom!



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Thanks, Mark. Hope the port improves the process for you!

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