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A curates egg

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Got my scan results yesterday, and like the curates egg they were good in parts. Most of my mets are stable,but one enthusiast sod has increased by a third and is now 4cm, or the size of a thumb. I also need a hip replacement.

The fact that thy want to replace my hip seems to indicate some faith in my longevity. Otherwise why bother?

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It's been while I haven't read your posts and missed your sence of humor, I'm happy most of mets are stable, when my Dr told me I must have emergency neph, everyone was worried but I was happy because I believed there is hope that they want to do the surgery, sometimes it's too late or the patient's body can't manage to handle the surgery. So I agree the news of coming surgery is good, wishing you successful and uneventful surgery.



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Nice to hear your results were "adequate," to say the least.  It's the pits when something that doesn't cause pain has to have drugs; and the hip that causes lots of discomfort can be remedied with surgery.

Keep on, keeping on.

Hugs across the pond.


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I'll have to look that one up. Hey, I'm just an outsider but I kind of understand these things and have had experience with them from a professional to a personal perspective. Here's what I see.

First, Your terrible side effects have been decreased. As long as we are alive, it's nice to feel that way too. Advantage you.

Second, it depends on where that 4cm met is, but radiation is working good for a lot of people now. There is nothing easier.

Third, if you need a hip, and maybe if you need that tumor removed, maybe they can take care of both the same time. Now let me tell you that in my career, the easiest job was rehabing total hip replacement patients. So as a patient, if you have to go through something, a THR is the way to go. The regained mobility can be like magic. Your whole life will get better. The large tumor will be addressed, you finally found an effective tolerable drug, AND your doctors must think that at the very least, you are salvagable!

You've had tough breaks but I sense a momentum change.

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Thanks for all the positive thoughts chaps! The idea of the hip replacement definitely gives me hope of a not overly truncated longevity!

My overambitious met, let us call him 'Darth Tumour' is in my lung.

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I'm glad to hear you got some good results!  I learned a fast lesson over the last seven weeks that good news is good news, no news is good news, and bad news just means waiting for the next bit of good news.


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Thanks, I love your attitude

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We got a call from the surgeon today who wants to schedule to take his kidney out on the 30th... we are so happy to have gotten that call because, just like Foroughsh said, it means looking forward, doing it while he's still healthy and can tolerate it better.  I'd like to think they don't waste resources on people who will not benefit from it, so maybe this new team is seeing him as a person with a future versus the first doctor who just kind of shuffled us off.


Friday we have a meeting to see what exactly we're doing.

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Great to hear from you! 

Can this Darth Tumor be surgically removed?

And fully agree with everyone that hip replacement signals assurance that you be here for a long time! :-) Congrats! :-)

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Stomps that is good news! You will be dancing through the new hip replacement.

What are the options for the Darth tumor? (love that name, by the way)



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His destiny is not clear to me at the moment. That will be discussed at the next meeting. My Dr and his team seem quite sanguine about it, but its not in their lung is it?

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You have such a great attitude and that special brit humour, that one tends to always expect you to spring back like a Jack in the Box from whatever comes your way and you do!!!  But you really have been through a lot,  I've missed you around here.  It's good to hear good news! All in all it is good news!  Enjoy the Holidays, you deserve a break!

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Now, that is funny!


I am happy to hear that you did have some good news.l Cause for celebration I feel. With your sense of humor and attitude, your hip surgery will be a piece of cake.  Be well sir and enjoy your holidays.  Nancy

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I love your sense of humor and love that you named the pest in your lung Darth Tumor. Hopefully it'll meet the same end as its name sake. And I agree about the hip replacement meaning you have many more years ahead of you for which you'll need said hips.

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Great news for the most part. Darth Tumor, I like it, and as for the surgery you are right if they plan on giving you a new hip they figure you are going to be around a long time.

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Funny. I say cut him down with a light saber!

Is radiation not an option? Why not? I know they are zapping some lung mets.

Thanks for the humor! Hope your holidays are joy filled. Our attitude is the thing we are in control of. Sometimes I forget, but I read your post, and it reminds me. Helps me a lot. Thank you!!


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