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Great news!

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Chemo #6 Done and Done!

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Had the 6th and final round today.  Yay!  I have to say that I was almost as anxious about this round as the first.  I was hoping I had kept my numbers up so there wouldn't be a delay, and I knew that many women don't make it through frontline without a delay.  And I was anxious about having a reaction to the Taxol/Carbo as I have known of at least one woman who was doing really well until her very last infusion.  As it happenened, while I was still getting my premeds, the woman who was next to me in the infusion room was also on her last round of Carbo/Taxol and had a reaction to the Taxol.  Breathing issues, major flushing, tingling... frightening for everyone though the nurses were on top of it immediately.  To say I was a bit on edge when we began my own infusion is an understatement.  But things went absolutely fine.  My numbers were very good and hadn't really declined since last time.  I was really pounding down salmon, oranges, protein bars / shakes, and spinach/chard/bok choy, whole grain bread with peanut butter.

Did it help?  Maybe.  But I was thrilled to see what I managed to maintain.  Of course, I will be a lot happier when my numbers go back up to my normal level, but I kept most things at low normal, or just slightly below.

Next will be a follow up appointment with my gynecologic oncologist where we will discuss our strategy moving forward.  In anticipation of radiation, I am also getting a referral to a nutritionist.  I also have a friend who is the director of urogynecology at University of California Davis Med center, a comprehensive cancer center here in Sacramento.  She gave me the names of two gynecologic oncologists there and I am going to try to get a second opinion.  Right now, despite the possible long term effects, I am leaning toward the radiation, but I'd like to hear what another doctor thinks.

But I am so glad to be done with phase one.

Thanks to all of the ladies on this board who passed along their experiences and advice.  I am convinced that I made it through this as painlessly as I did because of all of you.

And I am so looking forward to having a nice glass of wine with dinner again soon!


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Lou Ann M
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Joined: Feb 2015

What a wonderful day!  You made it.  Lou Ann 

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I'm so glad you made it through the final chemo with no side effects!!  That is wonderful!  Hopefully the radiation will be a breeze.

It's good to hear the eating worked - that's what I'm concentrating on right now.  Keep us updated.



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Congratulations, What a great milestone!

Cucu me
Posts: 214
Joined: Apr 2015

and good luck further!

Very happy for you!

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Happy for you to have your last day of treatment.   Here's my glass I raise to you!

My best to you,



Anonymous user (not verified)

What great news!  Enjoy your wine, I already talked with my chemo nurse and she gave me the approval to have a glass of red wine while I'm on chemo if I wasn't feeling sick.  I'm thinking of having a glass on Christmas eve.  I am going to try your nutritional guidelines and maybe I can keep my blood levels up too.  I just had my first chemo on Thursday, infusion went great, however I had a major case of heartburn that night, heart was pounding, but it passed so I don't know what that was.  I also had heartburn after dinner tonight so I'm thinking I need to eat a smaller amount and see if that helps.  I'll be following your decision, reasoning if you do radiation.  My doctor originally said no radiation, but when I talked with him a week later, he said he wouldn't rule it out.  But you are a small person, and I'm much larger, so radiation would be tougher on you maybe?  Anyway, don't think that far in advance, enjoy your happy feeling of being done with your chemo.

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I just took my little guys out for their last potty break for the night. While out there I was thinking about you and if you had made it through. So glad you sent us an update.

I've landed on getting the radiation too. I just don't want to miss any and all opportunities to put this behind me.

Here's to you having yet another not so hard impact!!!! Just think, in about a week you will be on the road to rebuilding yourself to pre-chemo days.  Woo hoo!

Love and Hugs my friend,


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Posts: 903
Joined: Jun 2015

Pepcid helped me with the heartburn.  I got it IV as part of my pre-meds, but I also used it at home.  It might help.

TeddyandBears_Mom's picture
Posts: 1807
Joined: Jun 2015

Me too! My doctor gave me a prescription for it. The OTC kind wasn't taking care of it.

He told me it is the Decadron that causes the burning.

EZLiving66's picture
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Joined: Oct 2015

My doctor prescribed an anti-heartburn medication I now take every day.  I had esophageal erosion and thought I was having a heart attack it was so painful.  This medication has really helped.



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Great news Chris, I hope all else goes as well as the Chemo. Yes we all should continue to give thanks to the ladies  here who walked this road ahead of us, they never fail to share that which we needed most when we were newbies and still now. When you have the wine imagine us cheering you on.

Nuff love, Moli.

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Chris, I hope you got to ring the bell!  Celebrate.  

Posts: 1584
Joined: Jun 2012

I was traveling Friday but thought about you finishing chemo as I drove.  If you are like me, in a couple years you will be forgetting a lot of the details.  Congratulations!

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Joined: Feb 2014

In a couple of years you will forget the details! What a wonderful prediction. I am happy for you that this part of treatment is over. Congrats, Chris!

With a Warm Hug,


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