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George clark

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Joined: Apr 2012

George home with me in hospital bed.  He has been under hospice care for 2 weeks.  My heart is breaking in a million pieces


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There is nothing more I can do but pray that your George is comfortable at home, and that his hospice nurses are the best available.  I wish I could collect your broken heart and keep it safe until you are ready to piece it back together again. 

Peace to both of you and the family at this time. 

Sue - Trubrit


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I'm so sorry. May God be with you in this time and give you strength. I'm praying for things to turn around.


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I am so very sorry to hear where your George is in this journey.

There are no words which can soften the ache of your heart.

I can only wish your George pain free and comforted by your presence.

Know that you are both in my prayers.


Marie who loves kitties

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Much love coming your way, to you both.

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I can't really add or say that already has not been said or convey how I feel.  So, I will leave it at this.... May the good Lord bless you and your family with a sense of peace and strength in the coming months ahead.  My heart truly breaks for you.

Cathleen Mary
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My heart is breaking for you. Please know you are in my heart and prayer. I am glad that George is in the comfort of his home with you at his side.



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I am so sorry to read this Dyan.  My husband was under home hospice care for about 3 weeks and then I had to take him to a hospice facility because I couldn't take care of him alone at home.  The hospice facility was a godsend compared to our home hospice experience.  I never left him for the 11 days he was there.  It gave me the time to just be "the wife" while the medical people took care of him.  It is an intimiate experience, one that none of us want to have.  Be sure to take advantage of any help offered so you can get some rest and help him through this phase.  If he needs it, pain pumps are available for home use.  Our Visiting Nurse Service did not want to do it, but I made them.  I pray for a peaceful time for both of you, if that's possible.  Hugs   Linda

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I am just so sorry to hear this. I truly understand your pain. Now is a time to just "be".




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Dyan I am so so very sorry.....your situation must be very difficult to endure

sending love, mags

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I'm sorry Dyan, I was there with my wife, Cindy, just over 8 months ago, and I still can't type her name without crying. Nothing in my life was more painful than giving her morphine every two hours and watching her fade away from us. Hospice was a big help and I'm glad we could keep her home during that time, but it was our 20yo son and adult daughter being around that allowed it and me to work. I hope you have family and/or friends to help you through this time. I don't have the words[are there any?] to lessen the pain, but staying in the moment and not letting my mind get ahead of things helped me stay sane and get me to this functional "new normal" that I'm at. My thoughts are with you and George...........Dave

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Posts: 296
Joined: Apr 2012

George in a coma.  This disease is taking to many lives. I hate to say this but treatments are brutal.

Heart broken

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So very sorry. 

May he slip away peacefully now, and may you be blessed.

Sue - Trubrit 

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I am so very sorry. I have no words, I'm sorry. My heart breaks for you. May God give you both peace and comfort.


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And prayers are with you and your family. My mom is in a church group at Grace Family and I will pass his name to her and they will put Mr.George in there daily prayers.. 

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Very sorry Dyan.  Thoughts and prayers for strength and comfort for you.

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