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Welcome Back Max

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Glad you are well. I would have written sooner but I spilled my granola, kale, quinoa, pomegrante, carrot and black cohosh smoothie on my keyboard and had to get a new one. The old keyboard is healthy but won't work.

Take care man and bless you.

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Well, your keyboard died happy, and with an "energy rush," when it shorted out ! (Pun totally intentional)

For those unfamiliar, GK is referring to the fact that I had laproscopic surgery yesterday, to repair the incision through which my prostate was removed in January.  It herniated (split) a few months ago. The surgeon did a mesh fabric repair, and said that it should hold well from now on. A little loopy from the hydrocodone and pain, but it was an outpatient surgery, and I have been walking around well since.    Recovery should be fast and uneventful.  I do most of my prostate cancer writing at the Prostate Board, but the old times from here at Lymphoma are aware of my "Double Boarder" status.   All followup tests and the pathologist's exam of the removed gland indicate that I have a 90% probability that all of the prostate cancer was removed with the gland.

I am thankful, and wish blessings and comfort on all during the holiday season, especially those facing serious challanges (SCT, etc.) in the coming months.  Compared to SCT and second- and third-line therapies, my little slice and dice was nothing.


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Glad to read your little surgery went well. I hope that is another "event" you can put behind you.

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