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mcl cancer pain and relief

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i have been diagnosed with stage 3 mcl and have been thru every step they have given me....up til now and im about to start chemo, its called nordic something or another, inpatient treatment for 3 weeks at a time for 5 different sessions. my side has started to hurt around the spleen area, any one have any ideas on what im about to deal with....and is there anyone willing to tell me a bit about how they managed the head to toe pains...over the counter and script...my suffering has got to stop..


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I am glad youor have joined, Griffith.

I do not recognize the name of your pending chemo drug(s), but hospitalization for that long is very intense.  The hospital staff should be ready and able to address pain management.  There is no reason for a person to suffer pain in these circumstances; a doctor is obligated to treat pain as much as anything else.  If it is a while before admission to the hospital, call for pain medication to cover the wait period.

We have several MCL people here, especially Becky, who I hope responds soon. She might recognize your medication name.


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nordic protocol for MCL is a very intense CHOP regimen with cytarbine added. It is a very tough treatment and requires hospitalization. Here is a link to a document describing it.  http://www.londoncanceralliance.nhs.uk/media/36656/MCL_Nordic_protocol_V1.0.pdf

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Hi Griffith,

     Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but I hope you know that there is much research going on and it is very encouraging.  My husband was diagnosed with MCL in July '11.  He relapsed and is now on a new target drug which he takes everyday and is back in remission.  You can click on our picture which will take you to our page and our journey.  I do not know about Nordic either but I am glad GKH does and gave you the info to look up.  There are many different ways of attacking MCL and using very strong chemo is one of them.  If a patient is young enough and not too syptomatic, I think they are the best candidates.  Bill is a very healthy strong man but at the time of his dignosis, he was very symptomatic and his spleen was 90% MCL.  He was 62.  He was given a farely new chemo at the time Bendamustine (Treanda) and Rituxan.  It was very easy on him he never got sick with it.  I think they feel the stronger the chemo, the longer the remission.  I don't know about your pain now, but I am guessing that your spleen may be starting to enlarge as it captures your blood.  This is a symptom but since the doctors have been watching and testing, they are no doubt aware and the chemo will take care that problem.  I don't think it is worth worrying about since it sounds like you are in good hands.  I am no expert and I am only guessing about your spleen.  It sounds like chemo will be difficult but MCL reacts rapidly to chemo, so any symptoms or pain that you are having now will no doubt start dimishing very fast once you start treatment.  We all hope the best for you and I hope I have been able to help a little and hopefully calmed your fears.  If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to write back.

My thoughts are with you,


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