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A little more good news, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Ladies, thought I would check in and let you know that I had my most recent infusion of Avastin on Friday and my CA125 had dropped again to 14 (it was at 53 before I started the Avastin).  I am feeling so grateful going into Thanksgiving and wanted to share that with all of you.  My daughter recently pointed out that it is almost two years that I have been going through chemo with only a couple of breaks but it appears to be working so never give up hope!!  My wish for everyone is that your Thanksgiving is blessed, and there is a pause in your journey and just a day to relax and enjoy family, friends, and being alive to toast another day.  Love and blessings to all, Helen

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That is GREAT NEWS! So happy for you.

Here's to many more Thanksgivings! :-)

Love and Hugs,


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So glad to hear that the Avastin is working.  Here's to many more Happy Thanksgivings!


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Lou Ann M
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What wonderful news.  That kind of news makes Thanksgiving even more to celebrate.  I am so happy for you and your family.  may you have many more.  Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

Cucu me
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and Happy Tnanksgiving!

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Great News.  May you enjoy your Thanksgiving!  So happy for you!



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what a thanksgiving you will have. 

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That is great, Helen.

Happy Thanksgiviing to everyone as well!


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Wonderful news, Receive your shower of blessings the showers will come rolling in,I pray wish and hope.

Nuff more blessings is my wish for you today.Enjoy thanksgiving in a really special  thankful way.

Hugs, Moli.

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That is great news! Hopefully things will just keep going up and up from here.

Take care,


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Your daughter said it well- Two years of almost continuous TX is enough! I have been following your story and praying for your good response to treatment. May you and all the women here have reason to celebrate many future holidays. 

Warm Wishes,


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It happened to Me
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I'm so glad that your CA125 has gone down.  I hope that you will be NED the rest of your life.  Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and I hope the rest of you ladies reading this post had a blessed Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for researchers who spend so much time trying to find answers for cancer.



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