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MSK Research on Nanoparticles in Targeted Therapy.

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Since I had my surgery at MSK I receive their newsletter and the latest one had some very promising findings. While researching the ability to deliver nanoparticles to target lung cancer tumors, they found that while very few showed up in the lungs, many ended up in the proximal tube where RCC starts. So now they’re looking into the possibility of using these nanoparticles (50 times smaller than the width of a hair) to deliver medication directly to the kidney tumors. They believe that this would make targeted therapy drugs work better, even ones that have failed previously. Sounds very exciting and promising.

I don't think there's an online version of the newsletter but if there is I'll post the link.

ETA: I found an article from June. It's pretty much the same thing. I guess they just got around to summarizing it into the newsletter


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Skagway Jack
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Apny,   Thanks for the link, that does look promising.  Jack


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Sounds great! They are also working with the cells. Taking the cancer cell out then repairing it in the lab and putting it back in the body!  Praying for it to happen soon!  This is great info! Thanks!

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I love reading things like this. It makes me so hopeful. Especially when they mention that even previously failed medication may become effective if delivered through these nano particles. And very cool about the cell modification, angec. I hope all this will be available soon.

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