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Need help please

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Hi am new here and II would love for you to hear my story. I do not know what it is for sure. A mass was found between liver and pancreas found out today its coming from pancreas doctor did not elaborate. They want to a endoscopy. I mentioned this to someone and they mentioned lymphoma not pancreatic cancer.I had a swollen glands in armpit and groin area both went away on their own but the one in the groin has come back.enlarged liver with slightly elevated enzymes. Pain in back,kñees,and leg plus abdominal.spleen not enlarged no gallstones. Had biopsy done on thyroid nodules which were negative and I over heard them say calcified at least partly. Does anything here sound familiar? Please help




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Hello Michelle:

I have B Cell Lymphoma. Had blood test, which showed that white cells were high. My internist sent me to an Oncologisgt.   Had blood tests, CT Scan, PT Scan and bone marrow biopsy.  He made the diagnosis after the tests.  I had Rituxin infusions for two years.  Am in remission since the end of 2013.

What you have is not familiar, so I am not a real help.  But with the holiday coming up, I did not wnt your email to possibly  not be answered.  And  I did want to suggest that you see an Oncologist.


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Sorry about the distress you are currently feeling. Obviously, your doctors are not yet sure what you have.  The Thyroid nodes were most likely tested for forms of thyroid disease, not lymphoma, so the "negative" there may not mean too much, except good news regarding your thyroid gland.

You need further tests. Whatever tests the doctors recommend, I would get.   And you need to push the issue; do not let them drift off and forget about your case. This needs to be diagnosed.

I have a condition known as fatty liver, which skews liver enzymes a little, and by itself is not dangerous (in mild cases).

The "possibilities" sound like lymphoma, an organ disease (to the pancreas, liver, or others), or none of these.

I would demand dates for further testing at the earlies opportunities.  I hope it is minor, whatever it is.



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