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My Husband

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My husband underwent his first chemo treatment for his lung cancer on Tuesday of this week.  The first day after they told him he would feel like a million dollars but that it wouldn't be the same in days that followed.   Wedneday he had a great day.  Thursday most of the day he just said he felt a little weak.  Friday night and up until today he has been sleeping quite alot and only getting up to urinate which he says is very very freguent.  He said he hurts all over and feeling pain in hsi kidneys. He has no appetitie and hasn't been drinking any water, I told him he was supposed to be doing that and he says it even botheres him to do that.  I know the cancer has spread to his bones, and he things since he is feeling this pain in his kidneys and going to the bathroom so often, is it possible,  We go to the doctor on Tuesday again and I plan to call them tomorrow to tell them what is hsppening.


I am very concerned, they said withoutt chemo they gave him up to 6 months and couldn't give a answer at how long with the chemo till after some treatments which he is set to do every 3 weeks.  

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Sempfloc  so sorry your husband is having all this pain . i am new to this so i can,t really give you any inforamation but i will pray for ya,ll.    My husband does not start his treatments until dec 2.  he has small cell . he is getting mri and pet scan tommorrow to see if has spread.  he is gonna be doing carbplatin and eptisode 6 rounds.  does your husband have non small cell or small cell.


may be we be an encouragement since we are going down this journey at same time. i,m here if you need to talk. I don,t know but maybe those chemo medicines are coming out of his system so fast and him not drinking enough water is making it harder on his kidneys. i know that is what the doctor told us .that my husband needed to drink plenty of fluids when he starts treatments because those chemo drugs can work so fast sometimes especially his kind of cancer.  my husband is gonna do 3 days then off 18days   for 6 rounds

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I feel like I'm reading a story about my own life.  My husband just finished chemo and radiation.  All he's wanted to do for weeks is sleep.  We fight about him not drinking enough and staying hydrated.  I wonder sometimes if going through the treatments were really worth it when he won't even get out of bed.  This is no life. And now he's so miserable that he takes it out on me.  I feel like I'm failing him. How do yall deal with it? 

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What did the doctor say?   Chemo is very hard on kidneys and that is one important reason for your husband needs to drink lots if fluids.  Did they wind up giving him saline drips?  Is he doing better?

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You may minimize risk of your husband's treatments by telling him to do regular exercise, make sure he is eating lots of vegetables, fruit and grain. By changing some of the habit of husband you can minimize treatments risk.

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Well nothing we have heard about chemo treatments and radiation can prepare us for the reality can it?  Guess its only saving grace is the hope that it can help and buy us more time with loved ones.  I know you are frustrated but we have to think that ever if sleep and resting is all they do now next week or next month will be worth it.  I read somewhere that it is best for the loved one not to have the "food wars".  You can only do so much to help them eat.  Have it available and be sure and let them tell you what they think they can eat.  I have found that if I ask if my husband wants sonething he will say no but if I tell him it is time for his Ensure or for water he says OK.  and then he will drink it.  Kind of like not an option.  I figure if I throw away most of the meal he at least got some down.  Chewing meat is a problem for him.  I have decided that it just makes him to tired and he spits it out.  Very small pieces in soups are best for him.  I always try to add butter to anything I think he will eat or add extra beef or chicken stock to soups.  Be careful of cheeses as they will tend to constipate and that is a constant problem with treatments and pain meds.  I also try to encourage him to help if at all possibe.  Little things like getting silverware or glasses.  Or maybe holding trash bag while I put trash in that way he is at least moving some.  My husband has some brain damage from whole brain radiation for mets to brain from stage 4 lung cancer.  He has problems verbalizing his thoughts.  Do not know yet if temporary or permanent. Each day seems to present new challenges.  Prayers sent to you and yours.

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