Chemo almost finished -Next Step Radiation

My husband has his fourth out of four Intrathecal chemo tomorrow and his sixth out of six R-CHOP treatments on Monday. The mass near the abdominal aorta showed excellent response to the R-CHOP according to the PET scan done after R-CHOP round four.  We met with the radiation oncologist today and he will begin radiation on December 14th with 17 treatments. The radiation is prophalactic.  In testicular NHL about 40% can develop cancer in the other testicle so we definitely want to try to avoid that. Chemo alone is not as effective in treating this type of cancer because that area of the body can be a sanctuary area. The radiation oncologist will also treat the area near the site of the abdominal aorta because the mass there was almost 7 cm and even though it is no longer present she believes it should be treated as a precaution.   Radiation will be broken up a little due to Christmas day and New Years Day, but apparently that is not a big deal. My husband's case will be presented at the tumor board tomorrow.  Testicular non hodgkins lymphoma is somewhat rare.  From what I've read on the discussion boards here NHL can show up about anywhere so I know we are not alone in rare NHL.                     Simone