Has anyone gone through radiation treatment who was in the age of their 20s?

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Hello, I'm a 22 (f) with medullary thyroid cancer. I went through radiation treatment on my neck for 6 weeks, I just finished 2 weeks ago. I was wondering how soon will my taste come back and when will I be able to handle spicy food again. I've heard that the younger you are the better you do with side effects, so that what's why I'm asking for someone around my age how it was for them? 


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    Hi Kar,


    Hello, I'm 31, I had a RAI therapy last March 22 (150mCi), just maybe a month or two, your taste will regain it's function, just continue a good intake of water and a great time of exercise to sweat the radiation out... =)

    More prayers to us and God bless us...


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