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Recurrent cervical cancer

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Hi everyone, I just joined the network today...back in August of 2012, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent a radical hysterectomy. I also went through 6 weeks of radiation (daily) and chemo (once a week).  I did relatively well during that treatment and remained cancer free up until March of 2015 when I was diagnosed with recurrent cervical cancer, a mass on my pelvis.  I immediately began an intense chemo regiment that April.  Within 2 1/2 weeks, I began losing my hair and was losing weight rapidly.  The chemo combination had to be adjusted because it was wreaking havoc on my blood.  My platelets were so low, I was restricted to my home...at one point they had dropped to 13,000...my white cells and red cells were on a seesaw, when one was up the other was down...I had to have several blood transfusions also.  SMH, and I wasn't worried about me so much as I was my kids...  I am a divorced mother of 3, my daughters are grown, both in their 20's and my son is 15 and because my ex-husband really does nothing for them, I know that I have to FIGHT this.   I have to say, this second battle is truly much harder than the first round.  I had to get a stent in my left kidney due to the location of the tumor (it was pressing on my left ureter)...this stent has caused me continual pain and discomfort.  I recently got it replaced and yesterday noted slight swelling in my left leg...I am so tired of doctors and appointments and I'm terrified that my doctor will admit me into the hospital for this.  I am in a clinical study for a new drug so EVERY new issue is huge...smh, I hate cancer and how it affects so many people.  I just want to thank everyone for sharing their stories because it really gives me hope and strength.  

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Oh angleyes, I am sorry to hear about your recurrence.  I hope Kaleena sees this post because I know she has a stent and does talk about it - she may be able to help - as she is always so willing to share.  

Swelling in your leg could be from lymphedemia.  If you have had lymph nodes removed it can pop up at any time.  However, swelling in your legs or arms is never good, so PLEASE call to get this looked at.  

You are right to FIGHT.  Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up.

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Angel eyes,

im sorry you have had a recurrence but I know your continued fight will be worth it in the end.  I had a recurrence of cervical cancer almost three years ago and have been NED since surgery.  There is hope.  I know chemo is rough but you will get through it.  

What is the new drug you are on?


prayers for your health and happiness.  Hugs.

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