Hodgkins survivor 32 years later

32 years ago at age 20 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, I went through a radiation program which lasted approx. 6 months, lost a ton of weight, hair and looked like I had 3rd degree burns on my torso.

I'm now 52 years old and still here.

A few years back i had heart issues and fortunately I received two stents before I had a heart attack. While repairing the clogged arteries they found I have an Aortic Valve issue and an aneurysm in my main chamber or Artery. Shortness of breath and a few tests later they believe I have the beginning stages of Emphysema, I've never smoked a day in my life, my parents were heavy smokers and both died before they were 55 years old. I assume I have second hand smoke issues.

I'm not sure why i logged on here other than to say that I was given a second chance at life and I believe it was so that I could be here to raise my son.

I wake everyday happy to be alive and I try to accept the challenges God has put in front of me.



  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    Wonderful story, John.

    I had a similiar line of thought when I was diagnosed: I wanted to live at least five more years, till my youngest graduated high school. The world is so hard for kids today -- all of the trash and confusion they face in the world. That was six years ago now.

    It sounds like you are handeling those challanges very well. And thirty years later, it is obvious that any worry about lymphoma is long past by now. 

    Bless the both of you,