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Actinic Keratosis question

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I joined this forum in 2012 when my Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer.   I have somewhat of my own issue now.   I am 35 years old,  dark brown hair,  dark gree eyes, and always able to tan well.    I would get burned once usually in the spring and by the end of the summer be very dark.   I grew up playing sports and was always outside.   I remember getting 4-5  bad sun burns in my youth.   I also made the horrible mistake of using tanning beds from 2002 until about 2006.   I used them pretty heavy from 2003-2005.   As I became more mature I always worried about those 4 years I used them.  

I went to the dermatologist for a small bump on my nose ( barely visible)  You almost need a microscope to see it.   He said good thing you came in with this its a pre cancer called actinic keratosis.  We will freeze it off and be done with it.    I am looking online and seeing pictures of people with their faces covered in these lesions.   Has anyone on this forum experienced this ?  I have been depressed over this for the last week.    Is it just as simple as getting them froze off every so often or will I eventually be disgifured from a face full of these :-(     I really cannot find any stories from younger people with these lesions. 

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Actinic keratosis is extremely common and more common than you think among young people, like yourself.   Actinic keratosis is pre-cancer and completely curable.  Did he freeze it and send it for analysis or just freeze it?  It may not have even been actinic keratosis.  There are many skin lesions (benign) that can mimic AK and the difference is only detectable by sending to a pathologist.  Regardless, you are at risk for skin cancer because of the tanning beds.  Get skin checks regularly and wear sunscreen.  I know this is an old post and hopefully you feel better by now.

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Yes, I have a few small patches of AK on my face. My derm freezed them off and after two months the redness is no longer visible. 


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AK is pre cancerous, if you did nothing it would become a skin cancer. Yes, the treatment truly is freezing it off. doing that ensures it will never become skin cancer. Ever. Now that you have had one you should see your deem once a year or as directed. You can relax for this round.

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