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Weakness in legs after brain tumor removal

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I am writing to understand the complications after Brain tumor removal - meningioma. This is about my grandfather. He is about 83 years old at present. The first time when the cancer was discovered was about 7 years ago, and since then he has had two surgeries and two radiotherapies. He had first surgery about 7 years ago, followed by another gamma radiotherapy (1.5 years later), then another surgery (2 years later) followed by another gamma radiotherapy.


After his second surgery about 2.5 years ago or so, there was a weakness in his legs. It was right after he came out of the operation room. The doctor at that time said that it would go away with time. It became a little better for sometime after the surgery but he was never completely fit. he has been getting Physiotherapy but no good. For last one year his legs are just getting worse, and now they are in a condition that he cannot even stand. 


I am wondering what we should do. Has anyone had similar experience? 

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I had a brain tumour removed that was pressing on my motor skills piece of my brain, effecting my left leg. It was removed 2 yrs ago but Im left with a very weak left leg, no stability, my leg sometimes just refuses to move if I step forward causing me to fall down. I get  a burning sensation within my left leg, in my thigh on the outside edge,,pins n needles, hip pain  and neck pain. I dont feel that my doctor believes me. Ihad 30 radiation  sessions on my head.Anyone elsehave these after effects?

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I had a metastastic tumor resectioned one month ago followed by a gamma treatment for 2 small tumors and am experiencing leg weakness.  Would like to har from anyone else who had this problem to give hope.  Thank you!


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