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Scary Symptoms

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Hey Everyone! I not sure what is going on with my body. I was hoping i could see if anyone with Lymphoma had similar symtoms or if i am way off.

1. For the last two months I've had urtacaria and angioedema everyday. At times I itch like nothing I've experienced. It never seems to be satisfied. It moves and it isnt always near a hive(s). Anti-histamines do not help, I still itch! I sometimes scratch until i bleed. ( usually bleeds alot for small cuts).

2. I have losts neary ~ 30 pounds in the last six months. I'm a thin guy. I wasn't exercising and not eating super healthy. I am 6'00" and weighed 215 - 225 ( I fluctuated a between) in June 2015. I have changed my diet a bit since then.  but i still do not exercise. However just in the last month I have lost about 20 pounds. I now weight 184 and i don't fluxuate like i used to. 

3. I am tired all the time. I take adderall and normaly it wakes up atleast my mind up, but not recently. I eat regularly and sleep a good 7-8 hours daily (some days are impossible to sleep because of the constant itchiness) 

4. The left side of my neck , from my chin to my collar bone is swollen . It doesn't hurt and hasnt gone done or away since the beging of Sept. The lymphs in my groin seem swollen aswell. 

5.  I have had bowel issues. It feels kinda like I am constipated but also feels like my colon is swollen shut when i attempt to deficate. Also when my bladder is full.  i am unable to get the pressure i normaly urinate. It feelslike need to poop but i know i dont don't actually need to.  

6. Ive had a minor sore throat for weeks. Accompanied with a come'n'go cough and more recently a minor fever. 

7. I have been experiencing more and more dizzness and blacking out.

These are the main things I've been feeling the last months. I recently started looking at the symptoms of HL/NHL,  and I the problems I have been having were symptoms. I recently went to my family Doctor and he confirmed my Lymphnodes are swollen and I had a blood test done ( the results are not back yet) . I am just worried and wanted to see if any of you had similar problems when you were Diagnosed with cancer.  Please let me know what you think! Thanks for reading this and for your help.

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Hi Fortaleza,

It is hard to tell for me as a layman, although I had lymphoma.

The best thing to do for you is to go on seeing doctors until they find out what your problem is.

Good luck!


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I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma Dec 2014. The only problem I had was feeling tired with some breathing problems. My dr thought it was my thyroid. A blood test showed the TSH was off. During the exam I mentioned another problem which resulted her checking my abdomen and finding a tumor there. (It could only be felt if I was laying down.) When the CT scan was done to check on that it also showed I had pluerisy. So the tiredness and breathing issue was the result of the thyroid & pleurisy. The pleurisy was caused by the lymphoma. 

It is nice a blood test was done so I guess the dr is looking for other causes. Seems like at some point they should send you for a CT or PET scan.

Like Sten said, keep on the drs to figure out what is going on. If you don't feel they are listening to you it wouldn't hurt to look fror an oncologist on your own. 

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you have classic signs of lymphoma. I strongly recommend you skip the other Doctors and go straight to a good oncologist. Don't mess around with this.

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I Agee with GKH your systems are classic of lymphoma, it may not be but best not to mess around and straight to an oncologist.

I was diagnosed in 2014.  I was tired, cold all the time, sweats, my skin itched and mostly what got the attention of the doctors was the enlarged lymphnode in my jaw.  You also have similar symptoms to lindary as well.

Best of luck to you and hope you have a bad infection and nothing else.

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I agree with everyone else that several of your symptoms suggest possible lymphoma, especially the swollen nodes, the itching, the fatigue, and the weight loss.   It is hard to imagine how the bowel issues and fainting could relate to lymphpoma, but of course you might have more than one health problem going on. (Lymphoma in the brain and/or intestines-colon is profoundly rare.)

It is possible for blood tests to come back normal, even in cases of advanced disease. That was my experience -- stage III HL, but clean bloodwork.  I agree with GK:  Unless your doc can absolutely nail what your diagnosis is, I would go to an oncologist, regardless of what the bloodwork shows, or at least request a CT scan from your current doctor.




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