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Rookie Mistake; nervous in the service

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Before going for my six month Active Surveillance appointment on 10/19/2015 I made a rookie mistake. I rode a bicycle before the appointment. My PSA from that day was 8.0 and Free 20. a very large increase in PSA. The PSA was redone on 10.26/2015 at a different lab, quest , walking distance from home. The number is now 5.9, higher than I would like, but not an 8.0.




Background, if you wish:
In March 2015 my PSA was 4.4; Free 18. 
Back in June 2013, a second opinion of my pathology by Dr. Epstein, showed a 3+4=7 for one of the cores.
6/13/2013 biopsy ucla Hopkins
  m1 target central mid 3+3=6,10% 3+3=6, 10%
  m2 target central mid 3+3=6,20% 3+4=7, 10%
  e left mid, systematic 3+3=6, 40% 3+3=6 30%
  GENE TEST...Genomic Health oncotype DX low risk patient, likelihood of favorable pathology 74%, freedom from high grade disease 84%, freedom from non organ confined disease 80% ...Oncotype DX uses rt-pcr to determine the expression of 17 genes in tumor tissue. Oncotype DX is calculated from the gene expression results and ranges from 0 to 100.    
A year later,in August 2014 a followup biopsy was done concentrating on the 3+4=7 core, only one core was positive, 3+3=6(5%) involvement from a random biopsy; no positive cores found from the targeted biopsies.
Here is a listing of my PSA's

date psa free psa
12/6/2006 2.27 
1/7/2008 2.26 
1/14/2009 2.2 
7/23/2009 2.5 /16
11/4/2009 2.6 
2/10/2010 2 
5/14/2010 2.6/ 19
1/13/2011 2.5/ 25
6/10/2011 3.6/ 18
12/16/2011 4.2 /14
3/12/2012 3.9/ 17
6/12/2012 4.1/ 15
10/5/2012 4.3/ 16
6/13/2013 3.8/ 22
1/24/2014 4.1/ 20
8/14/2014 5.4/ 24
3/9/2015 4.4 /18
10/19/2015 8/ 20
10/26/2015 5.9 redo psa


Complete information found at about me, by clicking my name on the left side.

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This is not the first time you report about the worries with the PSA. I think you did well in choosing AS. Apart from saving you of nasty treatment risks, it brings you the “thrill” each time you get a result. I wouldn’t have a story if not for that anxious moments when waiting for the results. I wonder what “Halloween” is bringing me next week.

From your histology I read that the numbers have doubled in 100 months. This is a very very long period in which you can rely. The genetic testing is also in your favour.



hopeful and opt...
Posts: 2336
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The "Thrill" of the PSA readings every six months brings excitment to me.  At my age, much better than a roller coaste ride.

I hope that you get a "TREAT" for Hallowween.



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