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GBM Stage 4 recent diagnosis

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My wife was just diagnosed with a GMB after she has a tumor removed 2 weeks ago and the pathology results came back. She is 47 years old.

That part was in the previous post. The rest of what i posted has take care of itself. I am not sad about it anymore now I am tired of feeling helpless and it is time to fight.

She has a stage 4 GBM and is going to start radiation and chemo therapy later this week (nov 4 2015). She started noticing some weird stuff going on with her face feeling frozen when we were on vacation in August. She went to the doctor late september and October 16 she had about 80% of the tumor removed with the rest being inoperable because of the location.

I had given up hope but that is now over. Now I am filled with hope. 

Thanks to all of you that posted your stories here. You have no idea how it has helped me.

No matter what happens I will be hopeful until the end. Hopeful for the treatments to go well, for things to stabilize and maybe for there to be a cure for this thing before it is all over.

I will never give up hope. It is what will get both of us through every day, And I will take one day at a time. I will even ask people for help even though I have never done that in the past.

And it is time to FIGHT with everything we have. 





Calvie Wingfield
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Hello,  my husband was diagnosed with GMB stage IV (after being miss diagnosed for 3 months) he had tumor removed at Johns Hopkins on Sept. 23.  We have 5 days of radiation and chemo to go before he has a break of 2 weeks.  Then we go back to Duke to see how he is doing.  Have you heard of Optune?  It was approved by the FDA in October for patients during chemo and radiation.  Before it was only approved for recurring GMB.  We are looking into that.  Just Google Optune.  Pretty interesting.  I look foreward to talking to you on here.  This is the first time I have even looked at anything like this to talk about what is going on with my husband.  

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