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Surgery AGAIN -Number 3 :(

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Things did not go so well today.  Lesion on liver is a mets, spot in abdomen watched from last MRI is now considered a tumor, and enlarged lymph node found near portal vein.  Lung CT Scan showed 2 small nodules on watch.

Bottom line another surgery with two procedures with two different doctors to remove liver lesion and tumor.  Each surgery adds another big incision. I was told liver surgery more difficult and will have to be in the hospital for a week or more.

I think they are now going to conisder drug therapy after surgery is done.  I hope so because I am so tired of being cut open.  I will be checking posts out to see what seems to be effective treatments that you all have used.

I am grateful to be able to reach out to this group.  You all are an inspiration.


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Keep up the fight. I admire your determination even when things have not gone the way they are supposed to go. Its about time you got a brake.





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Bonnie, I am keeping you in my prayers! Hugs

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You are in my prayers. I'm so very sorry you're going through this. Wishing you all the very best!

I am alive
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have you asked about the sirspheres procedure for your liver mets? Rather than cut you up to remove the tumor they inject a radiation bubble (not the right word) that moves toward and settles into your tumor & hopefully kills or freezes it. Google it!

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Bonnie, I will be praying for you.  I am sorry you have to go through this but at least they are on top of it.  Prayers to you and your loved one.

I second what I am Alive stated.  I have a co-worker who has RCC and he often has mets to his liver.  Seriously, like every three months. One of the recent tumors was about 1.5 cm.  He goes in for a day procedure where they put a tub through the uriniary track and they blast the tumor with radiation.  He has only been cut open when they did his kidney removal.  The mets are in different places so they are new mets.  He told me that he feel tired from being under but other than that the procedure is fairly painless and he is back to work the day after.


Your situation may be different but wanted to let you know.


Also, if you are not on it, you may want to reach out to smartpatients. com.  They have great insight on that group.


All the best


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Hi Bonnie,

Wow that sounds pretty rough. I would never make light of your situation but I think it is good they are going to operate again. If your doctors said they were not going to take it out I would be more concerned. Actually your best chance of feeling normal again is with no medication after surgery. Of course if they recommend medication then you must. As I mentioned I have recurrence after 2 surgeries. The med I am on now is called votrient. I had a 1 cm tumor in a lymph node attached to my right bronchial tube and a number of spots on my lungs that they are watching. After 6 months of this medication I am now NED. I couldn't believe it when he said he couldn't see anything on my CT scan. My doc says I may get a break from meds if my next scan is as good. So I would ask about this one if it is not the one they suggest. Sutent was the one I was one before my last surgery and it also worked well. This one I believe is called a first line of defense drug so they probably won't suggest this one. The Votrient has less side affects but they include the usual fatigue and diarhea. The diarhea is managable with imodium pills but not completely controllable. Some people experience more side affects but these are most common. You will be able to live your life though and do the things you want to do. Maybe not quite aswell but you will be able. Good luck with your recovery and I hope to hear some good news from you afterwards. Scott

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Bonnie, I wonder if you are a candidate for the Y-90 liver treatment. It is not surgery. Rather it is a method that these tiny radiation particles are placed into the blood supply for the liver tumor and it shrinks it without large radiation treatments and surgery. My neice is receiving it as her liver tumor was inoperable. It has been sucessful in just a few months. Not sure if I am explaining it correctly, but it is worth a try, isn't it?

Just trying to help.

Keep us informed and remember, we're here for you to walk along side you if you want us to.

Healing hugs, Jan

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Hey, Bonnie,

I have to echo was Richgels1 says here... If the docs are still treating you with surgery, then they believe that they have a chance of getting all the cancer.  With that being said I would definitely get a second and even third opinion if you can.  I'm not sure if your doctor has a lot of experience with RCC; if so, then obviously listen to their plan.  If not, see every option that is out there for you before making a decision.  

Stay positive,

- Jay

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Praying for you Bonnie. So sorry for all that you have to go through.



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Thank you all so very much for your input!  I will go through each message and research your suggestions and advice.

I am guessing that since the urology oncologist wants the surgery in order to address the tumor on the back muscle which they think was from the original tumor 3 years ago, then the liver may as well be addressed at the same time.  I do wonder why these other options were not mentioned to me.

Thank you all again for your prayers and support <3


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Bonnie, You are very strong and corageous.  My prayers and good wishes for you!

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     I have been fighting Kidney cancer for 4 years, close to being 5 (I am 9 months away from my 5 years), which is hard to do with Stage 4.  I have had 4 surgeries, and had to be given blood on two separate occassions.  I had my right kidney removed, right lower portion of my lung, and two brain tumors and have scans coming up on Nov. 23.  I too, am very tired of being cut open, but if they feel they can cut me open and remove all of the tumor, I'm gonna go with the surgeries!  I will fight this cancer by any means that the Doctors can come up with, as I am sure you feel the same and everyone else on this sight does to!  Be strong and know you are not alone in this fight!

                                Sending prayers,


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Thank you all for your words of encouragment.

 Found out today that the surgeries will take place on November 30th.  I'm happy I get to eat Thanksgiving Dinner! Laughing

Brenda, I am right behind you as December will be 4 years for me when first tumor was found.  I am so thankful we have this group for support.  I am also thankful after doing some research that surgery is still an option.  I, like you and everyone else, don't like it but we have to keep fighting.

God Bless you all.


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I had the right kidney and left lobe of liver (mets) removed in the same surgery, along with a set of nodes (2 of 11 positive for cancer) and my defective gall bladder.  All on the same day and I went home after 5 nights. It leaves you pretty weak, it hurts if someone cracks a joke and you want to laugh hard.  That first incision was 14inches, and subsequent cancerous node removals lengthened the scar line by several inches with each surgery.

The good news was the most recent surgery was in 2008, the scar tissue has shrunk and faded (but still itches sometimes), my labs hold pretty stable and I enjoy what I'm doing.  Besides having TG dinner, it's always important to have something to look forward to.  That's what gives us HOPE.


Hugs and good luck.


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My first surgery the incision was 14 inches as well as they took a slice of my rib too.  The second surgery's incision was half the length just below first.  I assume this one will be a pretty big incision like the first surgery.  It will be a midline down the abdomen.  

I am curious how they know about node removals.  MRI did show one enlarged lymph node near the liver.  I assume they will take it out with surrounding ones?

Thanks for your encouragement.


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I'm in awe of what strong women you all are and deal with such resolution at all the curve balls that are thrown at you. Here I am whining about anemia and you all are undergoing multiple surgeries for mets. Puts my issues in perspective, that's for sure :) Wishing each and every one of you the best. You certainly deserve it. Keep fighting and may you have visits from NED in the future! Blessings and good karma to everyone.

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Do you get a frequent flyer discount? 

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Oh Bonnie, I am so sorry to hear about your news. I admire strength and great attitude that you have. It all does sound very hopeful - the procedures are constantly changing and improving.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. We are here for you!!

Big hugs


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Oh bonnie, I'm sorry you have to go throught it again. You are in my thoughts and prayers. 

Wishing you successful surgery and quick recovery

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Thoughts and Prayers are with you.



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the battle goes. I'm glad that you have a care team that is taking care of business. Your only job is to face surgery with a smile. Then recover. I'll suggest that you begin your X-mas shopping before then. Maybe shop online? Time to get excited about eliminating those buggers.

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So sorry to hear this and all you have to go through again.  I will be praying for you daily.  Prayers of healing and comfort.  We just never know what is coming our way do we? That is probably a good thing too.  Wishing you all good things.  

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