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10 year cancerversery

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Well today is officially 10 years since I was diagnosed with stave IV colon cancer. It has definitely been a journey and a roller coaster ride. I know I am using clichés but when I reflect on the past 10 years it is soooooo true. At least for me anyway.

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Every time I see one of you stage fours saying it's been such a long time my breath gets knocked out of me. And I get teary eyed. I am so happy for all of you. The hope it gives all of us is immeasurable. Thank you! And congratulations!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats!!!  :)  

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I have been only following your journey for 2.5 years and I know you have been through a lot not to talk about for 10 years. You havent had much break but you deserve everything you have achieved or avoided, because you are always on top of it and always proactive. 

Wish you many many more easier years than the last 2.

All the best, 


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Way to hang in, it boosts us all to see you persevere........Dave

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    I am glad that you have made it to Ten. There is something about that number that makes it a real milestone in the fight. Moreso than anyone else I know you are a selfmade survivor. If not for your self advocacy I seriously doubt you would have made it. If I ever get charged with murder I will import you to defend me (just jokes) . All the best to you and family for the future,stay well. Ron.

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Congratulations, Jeff.  That's an achievement, keep on keepin' on.  

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Congrats Jeff!   You should be the spokesman for self advocacy and perseverance.

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Congratulations!  What an amazing accomplishment!

Thanks for sticking around here to be an inspiration for all of us. Oh I hope for a 10 year cancerversary some day.  Truth be told, I am jealous of yours!


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oh Congrats there Jeff.....10 years.....well done.....you have faced some serious uphill climbs and conquered them all......keep going my friend.  I send you all the best,


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It's kind of tough not to use clichés when reflecting on a life-changing/altering event. Probably because there's a common thread that runs through us all.

You're truly an inspiration and a role model for me! I hope things get easier for you Jeff, you certainly deserve it. 

You know the old cliché...
Because I can't remember it

Tongue Out

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  I raise my glass to you, Jeff. And pray that you see 10 + 10 and maybe even 10 more. 

Sue - Trubrit

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You are such a fighter and inspiration.  As a Stage IV you give me hope. 


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my friend. Take it one decade at a time lol

keep inspiring us all, congratulations!


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