ICE or TREC? New, less toxic, outpatient salvage regimen.

For those facing ICE as salvage therapy, there is now a less toxic, outpatient regimen available. One of the researchers at Fred Hutchinson was involved in the development of what is being called TREC. It consists of Treanda (Bendamustine), Rituxan, Etoposide and Carboplatin. This recipe is for B-Cell Lymphoma patients. For T-Cell patients, the Rituxan is eliminated, since it does little to nothing against T-Cells. It is preferable because of the lower toxicity, as well as outpatient administration.

For the record, I had a heavily pre-treated and multiple relapsed T-Cell Lymphoma (actually, two slightly different versions simultaneously). There were about two dozen tumors and lymphoma in my small intestine. Now, this is only an anecdote, but two cycles placed me in full response by PET/CT. I went on to have a third cycle and then to transplant. For any who are facing a relapsed or refractory lymphoma, this is certainly a good regimen to discuss with doctor.