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Hi, I hope you don't mind my venting on the GYN boards but I had colon cancer and well you can't say Vagina on the colon boards.

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Well you could but the guys would probably be a little freaked out.  lol  So I had colon cancer for two years and had my rectum and anus removed and 50% of my colon.  Had some pain, kept complaining, docs thought I was being a whiner.  I'm not much of a whiner so it was frustrating not knowing what was normal and what was not.  Turns out my uterus prolapsed.  It fell behind the vaginal wall and I am now sitting on it.  There is no longer a muscle there so it's just laying where I sit.  Also it pushed my vagina out of place (it's now seriously crooked).  I had no idea that was even possible. The radiation shrunk the vagina on top of that so really sex is out of the picture for life.  I'm getting divorced and I would like to date.  It's hard enough to say to someone, hey I have no anus!  And I poop in a bag!  But now I have to say that I also have no sexual function.  Doc says that if he removes the uterus I'm going to end up with a mesh which will cause a fistula.  Also my bladder is now falling as well so if the uterus gets removed, the bladder falls and I'll need several surgeries in the future to fix prolapses and/or hernias.  He wants me to try dilators and kegals.  I'm in pain one way or another.  I sit for a living as a secretary so there's no way around the pain.

Pretty much, there's not much I can do but I just want to scream.  I'm 45 and this just really sucks lemons!  

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you are welcome to vent here any time.  And I agree, you situation really does suck lemons.  I'm sorry treatment has caused so many additional problems.  I never knew that sort of organ shifting was possible either.  Geeez!  Sounds painful.

i wish I had some sort of great advice but I have no experience with your current prediciment.  Have you talked to gyn oncologist that specializes in pelvic surgeries?  

I hear you on the dating front.  I'm 36 and sex is a distant memory.  I've only got half a vagina and then they radiated that.  So, in the market for a penis the size of my pinky.  

Go ahead and scream.  That would make sense.

hugs.  Tomorrow will be a better day.

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The doctors said surgery is a no go.  One surgery would lead to another would lead to another.  They both said I'd be opening a can of worms. The organ movement itself is not actually painful, it's more of a pest.  It only became painful because I'm sitting on my uterus.  Literally it fell to the back of my body.  I thought the doctor was nuts when he said that.  I can't sit on anything hard at all and I have to stand more than I sit.  I can't believe this has become my life.

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You can talk vaginas as much as you want.  Shout it out!! 

We are here to listen and even though we each have unique stories, we understand pain and frustration.

Sending you a hug!!!


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gyn boards are always talking about our private parts!

Seriously though, I am so sorry to hear you have so much pain and things going on.  I'm with you - I wouldn't even have an idea this was possible.  I don't know if the doctors who think you are a whiner is the one who gave you the surgery scenerio or if you found someone else.  I am hoping you can find someone who can help you - if you are pain and want the chance to get things resolved, there has to be a doctor out there.

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My oncologist thought I was whining after my surgery. She kept saying it shouldn't hurt anymore.  Well it was!  Finally she listened and gave in to a scan an then sent me to a GYN.  I just went to a "sex therapist", yeah didn't know those existed either!  And the plan is now to try to build my pelvic floor to lift the uterus up naturally and try to get the weight of it off where I sit.  It may not work but it's a plan at least.  The docs will give me pain management to work through it as they siad it's not going to be fun.  Oh joy, I'm just so excited!  Really not what I pictured my life to be like at 45.

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Hello, so sorry to hear of all your misery. I don't blame you for screaming how terrible you must feel. I have vulvar cancer going throuh treatment now. Cancer sucks but the aftermath sounds to be terribly horrific in its own right. Radiation the gift that keeps on giving. I had cervical cancer 40 years ago with radiation,hysterctomy following. Now getting radiation, etc again so hopefully they save my anus, bladder, etc. I am 65 so my vagina can shrink! Haha! So sorry for all you younger ladies in that area. Cancer is truly an evil ugly thing! Prayers and hugs with blessings all around you.


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