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Update stage 3 with chemo going awesome

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so it's been a while... I had surgery last July to remove an " orange" from my colon and since then I had clear PET CT scans prior to chemo in August . Port placed thereafter and I dug in and started working out like a SOB... I'm 45 and in pretty good health so all of this was quite surprising, as for all of us. I decided this thing will NOT own me and that mental drive has paid off. Chemo 5 of 12 today. So far NO nausea at all, no fatigue at all, neuropathy is there fairly ibtense for days after infusion but I can deal. Still working out in gym, playing basketball ( poorly but..).

STAY active if you're able.

I teach and am so glad I didn't take planned time off. I also told my students parents at open house night as well as my students one week later... Defined my 23 year teaching career- next to marriage and children's birth, bestexperience of my life.

This will change my life for better... It has too. You too I hope.

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Good advice.  I find working out to be a stress reliever plus its getting more oxygen into my system.....cancer hates oxygen so im told.   Cuation though :  It wasnt till my 7th chemo treatment on FolFox 5  that i started feeling lethargic, and having stomach issues , with increased numbness in my finger tips for a good week.    Chemo is a cumulative drug  .   Its good when you dont start off feeling horrible , but ive discovered few go the entire 12 treatment route without some after effect of great magnitude.   Its worth it keep telling yourself.   I look forward to the day when i can have a celebration dinner out once the cancer is in remission.  Im doing exceedingly well on my chemo treatment --- it seems some peoples body and chemistry respond super to the cancer pounding effect.  My colon mass has shrunk to nearly nothing and my liver leisons and dark internal nodules  have drastically diminished.   Im very hopeful  and i put my trust and faith in God alone.  Spritually, its one of the best things that has ever happened to me even though ive walked with The Lord since 1986 .  Peace and joy,  David. Florida.

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attitude and good advice. Yes this can be a life changer for the better. Take lemons (in your case an "orange" lol) and make lemon orangeade! Good luck with future treatments.


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right on!

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With your great attitude you will keep doing well.  I stayed active as well and kept working and kept a normal routine.  All of my side effects stayed mild throughout and I credit that to keeping a normal life and positive attitude. My lowest point was when I had to do Neulasta but I still kept my life normal.  You will do great!  Keep it up! 

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thanks for the good vibes and encouragement.

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