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Alternative generic treatments?

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Hey everybody! It’s very nice to meet all of you. I’m 69 years young and I'm going to start some prostate cancer treatments. They prescribed me doxorubicin which is pretty cheap. They also told me to look into Viagra to go with the doxorubicin. However, at my age, and still working, I don't have a lot of money. I was wondering if anyone had any tips as to how I can save some money. Unofficially, my doctor suggested looking into alternatives such as “generics” and when I asked about more information he gave me some reassurance that Canadian pharmacies might be a good option but I’m very nervous about getting into something I know nothing about and risking my health. Does anyone happen to have any insight about this, or has anyone ordered from any of these sources? Please let me know as soon as possible. Feel free to message me privately if you prefer that to posting publicly. Thank you so much for any help in advance, as well as your time and support.

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It would be helpful if you would tell us about the history of your prostate cancer (Gleason score, stage and prior treatments). Perhaps that would explain the proposed chemotherapy with doxorubicin. And where are you located? USA, Canada or someplace else?

Regarding Canadian pharmacies, some are trustworthy, but I don't know which ones. Some on-line 'research' might help.

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How does eating routine effect prostate tumor?


Eating routine may represent around 33% of malignancies of the prostate, vast inside, and bosom. These diseases are more normal in the Western world than in Asian nations, for example, Japan and China. Albeit disease is impacted by both inherited and natural components, studies demonstrate that Japanese men and the individuals who eat a vegan eating regimen have the most minimal rates of prostate growth. One conceivable clarification is the low fat substance of the Asian diet. Another is that sure supplements in the sustenances in these eating regimens may help diminish the disease hazard.


A solid eating routine rich in supplement thick products of the soil may diminish your danger of prostate growth.


Vitamin D3 has demonstrated guarantee as a treatment for cutting edge prostate malignancy, yet is still under study.


On the off chance that you've been determined to have prostate malignancy, listen to your customary therapeutic specialist. Your specialist will manage your treatment regimen utilizing the most recent demonstrated disease treatments. Some option medications for prostate growth may be unsafe when utilized with standard disease medicines. In this way, dependably check with your social insurance supplier before utilizing any regular herb or supplement. That way you can stay away from medication herb collaborations.


Shouldn't something be said about lycopene for prostate tumor?


Lycopene is an intense cancer prevention agent. It's found in wealth in a few products of the soil, especially cooked tomatoes. A few studies demonstrate that individuals who eat counts calories high in tomatoes and different natural products high in lycopene have lower malignancy rates, and a few scientists even trust lycopene may impede the development of prostate tumors. In any case, consequences of a few studies have not been predictable.


Lycopene is found in expansive amounts in nourishments regularly expended. No symptoms have been noted or safety measures proposed when this "super supplement" is eaten as a component of an adjusted eating routine.


Is pomegranate juice chemopreventive?


In rat examines, researchers have shown a beneficial outcome of pomegranate in diminishing malignancy cell development in mice. Contemplates on human cells show comparative guarantee. This has driven a few specialists to suggest further investigation of pomegranate concentrate for human helpful use.


Similarly as with lycopene, drinking pomegranate squeeze and eating the entire organic product can without much of a stretch be consolidated in an adjusted, solid eating routine. Furthermore, doing as such is not hurtful when the juice or natural product is expended in moderate sums.


What do we think about saw palmetto berry for prostate issues?


A few cancer prevention agents and different supplements have been recognized as possibly supportive supplements for states of the prostate. Those conditions incorporate favorable prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), or augmented prostate. Clinical trials are being directed to discover more about the advantages of these "super supplements."


In the U.S., men have depended more on the herb saw palmetto than on other regular treatments for help from amplified prostate. Men taking an interest in a few studies would be wise to comes about when taking considered palmetto to be contrasted with taking fake treatment. Saw palmetto hasn't been appeared to avert or treat prostate growth.


The most widely recognized symptom of saw palmetto is mellow digestive misery. Saw palmetto additionally appears to have some medical advantages when utilized with African plum tree rind remove. Yet, scientists alert that not all concentrates are the same. A few arrangements of these herbs can have diverse properties. Since herbs and dietary supplements are not directed by the FDA, there are no insurances about the nature of characteristic items.


What do we think about African plum tree for prostate conditions?


The African plum tree is otherwise called Pygeum africanum. Its bark has generally been utilized as a part of African societies to treat urinary and bladder issues connected with BPH. In Europe, extricate from the African plum tree husk is widely utilized. It's been accounted for to lessen indications connected with BPH, for example, needing to get up oftentimes around evening time to urinate or visit pee amid the day. Utilization of this herb for wellbeing reasons is so across the board the world over that the African plum tree is presently jeopardized.



African plum tree covering concentrate may assist men with managing the inconvenience of BPH. In any case, it has not been demonstrated to diminish the measure of a broadened prostate. Reactions noted with utilization of African plum tree covering incorporate queasiness and stomach upset.

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Glad to see you took my advice and opened a new thread on this topic.  For the benefit of others, this is the response that I posted in response to your other post previously:

I can tell you that there are many "good" discount pharmacies available online.  I've been using ProgressiveRx for years to buy daily dose cialis, which only costs me around 60 for a 3 month (90 pill supply) which is about 2/3rds less than what Walgreens will charge me for the same medication. 

ProgressiveRx has offices in the State of Washington but the drugs are made and shipped from Bangalore, India. Never had any problems in the shipment and/or quality of any medications received by me from them.

You can find their website here: http://www.progressiverx.com/store/

They also get good feedback on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProgressiveRx

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