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Philadelphia-negative B-Cell Adult ALL patient with complications.

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I was diagnosed with the adult form of this acute disease over a year ago; had a relapse nearly a month. My oncologist has me on a new regimen hoping to eliminate the leukemic cells before we start the stem-cell transplant process. However, I am facing an acute medical complication that cannot be explained by the medical team.

After successfully completing my first round of chemotherapy, I was diagnosed with pseudomnas and an spinal epidural abscess (lumbar region); given antibiotics intravenously for seven months and sent to rehab facility for ten weeks. In mid 2015, I noticed a change in ambulation after completing my first round of intense chemotherapy (maintainence phase) with symptoms progressing dramatically within a few weeks (change in motor function, loss of balance, and chest pains). After seeing no improvement from physical therapy, I requested another MRI. The images shown a spinal compression in the thoraric region of the spine; a laminectomy was performed and I was relocated to a rehab facility for a month.

I "thought" my progronosis was better until the oncologist announced leukemia returning. Furthermore, another MRI test was requested, and images shown the thoracic region compressed - once again - and a marrow grow in the lumbar region. Additonally, my ambulation has been affected along with numbness and weakness to lower extremeities, loss of balance, and muscle spasms. I have consulted my medical oncology team and many of them are unable to answer my questions. Fortunately, a neurosurgeon has hinted to me that this might be a case of arachnoiditis or myletis.

After contacting several cancer organizations, the representatives have given me a few answers: vertabrate fracture or a spinal vertebrae fracture or central nervous system (CNS) disease.

Has cancer patients experienced any of these symptoms while undergoing treatment?

Thank you.

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