SCLC - Fighting for my Dad's Life

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Hi Everyone.

In February 2014, my dad was diagnosed with limited stage SCLC. After chemotherapy and radiation, dad was told he was in remission in July 2014. After three check-ups (and 7 months), dad was told that the cancer returned in February 2015. After 8 months, we are still fighting. He has endured more chemotherapy and radiation. My parents are currently at MD Anderson in Texas seeking a second opinion and to be quite honest A MIRACLE. 

Throughout this process, I have believed that my dad would survive. I honestly think that part of me just cant reconcile the other alternative. Dad is strong. Dad is a fighter. I am so proud of his efforts. But I notice that he is wearing down... his coloring is changing. He inability to breathe is becoming more burdensome and his pain level is increasing. Other medical issues are arising such as hypothyroid and afib. It is so difficult to watch this process.

At this time, the cancer remains in his right lung only. There is speculation that the cancer spread to the sternum, but multiple biopsies do not confirm it! Tomorrow, we learn of his current state. And I am terrified. I believe in miracles... and I pray for one daily.

Does anyone have any survivor stories for SCLC that you can share?


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    Hi Tawny,

    i was diagnosed in Nov 2014 with Non small cell lung cancer stage 4 (57 yrs old), I did hard chemo and have been on maintenance chemo ever since. I am feeling good and the last PET SCAN showed stable. I am at Kelsey Seybold in Houston and plan on moving to MD Anderson in Jan when I can change my insurance. 

    I am so sorry to hear about your Dad, it is hard on my daughter Wathchin me go through this as I have been very healthy and athletic all my life! Don't believe any timelines!! Tell him to stay positive, I did get on anti-depressants and they helped a lot! I was able to fight vs feeling defeated. Take care and keep in touch. My email is [email protected] pls feel free to email me anytime!

    sincerely, Lisa

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    The husband of one of my

    The husband of one of my coworkers was diagnosed in 2008 with limited sclc.  He still drives, pilots his boat and babysits his grandchildren.  There are new treatments under development and in trials.  If this round of chemo is not successful as you could want you may consider looking into them and MD Anderson is a great place to be.