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Chemo and Seasickness

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So I was wondering...  friends have invited me to go sailing a week after my next chemo session.  In the past, I haven't had any seasickness unless I try to read on a boat.  But...  I was wondering if the chemo may make me more likely to succumb to that.  I haven't had much nausea at all so far.  I plan to take my compazine with me, and I do have Sea Bands.  Just wondering if anyone has any experience.

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The ten mile trip from the coast of Maine to Monhegan without any trouble.  It was fairly calm.  I am lucky that I've never been seasick on even the wildest of rides.  Think I was a sea captain in a previous life.  Go for it!

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Lou Ann M
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i went on a whale watching tour off the coast of Washington in April for 3 hours and didn't have any trouble.  I did wear my sea-Bands though.  Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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I just kept my compazine handy and I think only took it when we went deep sea fishing last June.  The other trips - ferry to Matha's Vineyard, whale watching off Santa Barbara, sport fishing off Cape Cod - I didn't have any problems.  Go and enjoy!  Hugs - Anne

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I've been in some pretty heavy seas with no problem, and we will be on the San Francisco Bay, not open ocean.  I'll just be prepared with drugs and such, but so looking forward to it.

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Chris, go on your "voyage" and experience joy! Forget about cancer and treatment. In the past 15 months, I have gone on a two week land and sea trip to Alaska, a 7 day trip to Quito, Equador, and the Galápagos Islands, and a nine day cruise to the southern Caribbean. Each and every time I escaped my everyday world, I felt FREE from cancer.  I felt "normal" and it was worth every second of it! 

You have been through too much already. Enjoy your trip!


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