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Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (IP)

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Hello to all you beautiful ladies. As a caregiver for my 53 yr old mother, I was wondering if any of you have received intraperitoneal chemotherapy (IP)? My mom was diagnosed with UPSC in late July, had a radical hysterectomy Aug 3, followed with IV chemo on cycle 1 then they decided to just change it to IP chemo for cycle 2? Both chemo options were very hard but the IP has completely wiped her out. Doctor said studies say its more IP chemo is more effective for UPSC & certain ovarian cancers. However, the side effects are much more extreme so we have an appointment next week to talk about going back to IV through the arm or maybe IP with a lower dosage. Not sure yet! I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has had IP chemo. Hugs

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