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Opdivo Commercial

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I googled "Opdivo commercial" because I was curious due to comments on another thread.  If you want to see it just type that on google.  I think it's strange.  But then I always think it's strange when a drug company has to mention all the horrific side effects, and the list goes on and on, and they speed talk.   On that website you can add commentary.  Wish I knew how to provide a link.  

Someone was mentioning on the other thread, why they would have a commericial.  The only reason I could come up with is to get people to buy stock in Bristol Myers.  Makes sense.  Most things come down to money.

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That makes sense!  

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I started on Opdivo around the 20th of April after finding that prior treatment options failed.  I weighed 200 lbs and was strong as an ox.  On July 27th after three months of Opdivo it was pulled because it had no effect on containing, minimizing or fighting off my cancer.  I had lost 50 lbs and could barely stay off the couch or bed for more than 2 hours per day (combined, not all at once).  To go to bathroom, take a shower, dress myself, walk upstairs, etc was all effected.  I couldn't do anything myself.  It was terribly damaging to me and didnt help or work at all.  However, I have heard many others claim tremendous success with this drug. 


As to why they do commercials, I guess they have to get the word out somehow??  Doesnt make sense to me.  Doctors should know these drugs and should be able to pick something that is best suited for a particular cancer.  If we had to rely on TV commercials it would be even more hopeless than it seems at times now!  I believe the entire process and system is out of control.  We seem to be working toward "managing" the symptoms of cancer instead of curing cancer!  We can put a man on the moon, we can spend trillions of dollars each year including billions of dollars in other countries, but we cannot find a cure for cancer?  So dissapointing!




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Sorry you had such a terrible time. I have heard good things from others. I guess it just reaffirms the fact that we all react differently to different drugs. I hope you are now on a more happy regimen.

Maybe I find these commercials so offensive because they are so alien to my English culture.

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I hate seeing these commercials on TV. It's so odd. About the same time we banned smoking commercials, we took away the ban on prescription drugs. It's due to the lobbying effort of the all-powerful drug companies in this country.

I saw that commercial. When they said that it improved average survival from 6 months to 9 months (they were talking about a type of lung cancer as I recall), honestly, my stomach sank. This kind of improvement isn't what I'm looking for in any drug, particularly one with a list of side effects as long as your arm.


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What was it? "Do you want to live longer?"

My answer: "On what terms? At what cost?"

Its not an obvious answer is it? They should not act as tho it is.

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