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Just celebrated my 4th year since dx of stage 4a vaginal cancer on the 23rd. My husband and I had also celebrated our 30th anniversary in July, so we decided to spend the time in Montego Bay, Jamacia. I am proud to say even though I have a colostomy, I wore 2 piece swimsuits!! That in itself was a really big deal for me. While in Jamacia, I met a young lady from the states who also had been dx with the early stage vaginal cancer!! There are so few cases of this, I was just floored!!!! I know God had placed us there at the same time. She has been having some issues with bleeding and putting off going to the Dr., the treatment she went thru was unpleasant and she was ignoring it. I made her promise me she would make an appt when she got home. I will stay on her till she does!!! I am so thankful to still be here and all clear.


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Yippppeeeeeeeee!!!!  Congratulations on 4 years.  Such a huge milestone.  I'm so glad your dance continues with NED.  He's our favorite guy.  I'm glad you had a great vacation and made a new friend.  Perhaps her saving grace.  ;)  keep up the good health.  Hugs

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So HAPPY for you Babe!!!  It is so nice to celebrate!

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woohoo good for you! hugs!


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Congratulations, Babe!! What a great story, must've been fate.  And also congrats on the two piece, you go girl!


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So happy for you. 4 years is a big Anniversary!   

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LOVE the avitar!!!!!!

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God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!

and Rock that two piece. You have a whole lot to show off! 



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Congrats on your two annivarsaries- milestones both!! Today, I am 2 years NED with stage 3a, grade 3, uterine cancer. Woo Hoo!!

Best Wishes,


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