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Checking in on everyone.

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Hi All.

Just checking in to say hi.  Its about 19 months since Greg's nephrectomy now and all is well. He has had an abdominal ct and a brain scan and spine mri in the past few weeks. Both came back NED which is awesome! He is having a  bone scan tomorrow.  They are being so thorough because he has had some back pain and leg pain which we haven't got to the bottom of yet.  Hope you are all doing well. I look in on you all from time to time. hugs Melissa xox

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Good news about the test results and hoping his bone scan is NED as well!

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Fantastic results! Bone scan will be fine too!

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Sounds good so far! I'm sure bone scan will be good too. 

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Hoping the bone scans go well - I am sure they will. So happy about his NED report!



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It was a bone scan from head to toe so don't think they could have missed anything. Love to you all and thanks for your kind thoughtsSmile

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