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9 months post nephrectomy and CT scan shows suspicious results

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Well, 9 months after my nephrectomy, my 2nd CT scan not so promising.  Any thoughts?


  The patient is status post right nephrectomy.  

2.  There is a new enlarged lymph node in the mediastinum to the  

left of the aortic arch, of some concern for metastatic disease.  

This measures 2.2 x 1.7 cm.  

3.  New 0.4 cm nodule in the right lung apex and 0.9 cm nodule in  

the lingula segment of the left lung, also concerning for  

metastatic nodules, although could potentially be inflammatory.  

PET/CT may be helpful to assess for abnormal activity.  

4.  There is also a new infiltrate in the lingular segment which  

may be inflammatory. No hilar adenopathy is present to suggest  

that this is postobstructive, although evaluation of the left  

hilum is somewhat limited without intravenous contrast.  

5.  Stable small right adrenal mass. 

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That is ny layman's reading of the report. Definate answers are above my paygrade. Limitations: no contrast. No prior CT of lung nodules. See what the surgeon says, If not comfortable seek a second opinion. Definately sounds like some follow up testing is necessary, Hopefully nothing.





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So sorry your scans were not more reassuring. I’m hoping that you have some kind of inflammation or infection, which is mentioned in the other findings as a possibility. Your 3 month CT scans were clean so I'm thinking they would have picked up those lung nodules and the lymph node enlarging before they got to this size in six months. That's why it's possible that they are due to an infection/inflammation. Those words “metastatic disease” is enough to scare the daylights out of you but of course once we have cancer they always going to consider that and sadly they have to. Hopefully you can get some definitive answers soon. Hugs!


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This can be scary... But at the same time nobody said that it is definitely a metastatic disease. totally agree with Apny, could be inflammation of some kind.

Anyway, we have members here who had mets and are currently NED, so even in case of  few metastasis they could be dealt with. 

Can you ask for an MRI, for example, to get more info?

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