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By accident, sent for an MRI for back pain.

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By accident, sent for an MRI for back pain

By accident,I was diagnosed with RCC

By accident and it's always by accident 

Now I see all people have kidney Cancer 

only  they not diagnosed yet 

Testing for kidney cancer should be part of the physical exam 

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Someone first needs to develope a test to screen for Kidney Cancer. MRI's and CT's are not approved by insurance companies and hospitals until there is something justifying the scan. Additionally they are not good for you except for that flavored contrast you drink.




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An abdominal ultrasound is a cheap, safe test to detect kidney cancer albeit probably at a greater size than otherwise detected by CT scan. My urologists has the opinion that everyone over the age of 40 should have an abdominal ultrasound as part of general health checkup.

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There is a new test that should be on the market within the next 5 years that tests for certain proteins in the urine that can very accurately screen for kidney cancer.  That should definitely be a big help.  It's true... most times when the symptoms start the disease is well advanced.  There does need to be an early screening system that's cheap and easy.  

- Jay

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That is great news! If it is included in the regular urine screenings.  They have tests that can pinpoint other cancers like colon and CEA etc., but they don't use them.  You have teenagers finding easy ways to find the Ebola virus, easy ways to detect pancreatic cancer too, but they don't incorporate these things with the regular screenings.  But that sure would be an easy way to do it!  Thanks, Jay!

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great news I hope you right it will help thousand of people every year


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