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New Mole after age 50?

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My partner just discovered a new mole on her hip.  It appears to me to be a  Melanoma, it is dark brown, oblong, and the edges look a bit angry.  I have read that new moles that appear on people over 50 years of age are always Melanoma.  

She did get a piece taken off for examination, I am confident this is going to be bad news based on her age, brand new mole appearing, and the look of the mole. I hope this is very early.


Any insight or experiences with moles appearing like would be appreciated.



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Seems like this forum is not very helpful,  I will find a more active forum.  Far to many questions go unanswered...

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Hi Steve!

I have never read that all new moles after age 50 are definitely melanoma.  I have read that after about age 30 and increasingly each decade news moles are taken more seriously as suspicious for melanoma.  That, to my point of view, still leaves quite a bit of room for hope.  I wanted to mention that there is A LOT of misinformation out there and when it comes to diagnosis, Dr. Google can lead you down many a dark path, much better to trust the diagnosis to a professional and use Google for information, sticking ONLY to reliable web sites (i.e. Mayo Clinic, Up To Date.com, NCI, etc) for information AFTER a diagnosis has been made when you want to be well informed.  You said you have gone off in search of a different forum, but just wanted to say that your girlfriend has done the right thing in having it biopsied, and here's hoping it comes back benign!

Good luck!

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My wife just discoverd a new mole on her right hip.  To me it looks like Melanoma, it's very dark(dark brown), oblong shaped, larger than a pencil eraser, and the edges a bit angry me. 

From everything I have managed to find on this new moles that appear on people over 50 years of age are Melanoma. It is very rare for new atypical moles to appear after this age.

She did get it biopsied so we are waiting on results, I am confident this is not going to go well.

Hopefully we wil get her results tommorow.


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All moles after age 50 are not melanoma, whoever told you this was misinformed. However, new moles or changes in existing moles should be checked out. I have had many moles start to change and get tender and when this happens I apply black salve to them and it takes care of the issue. 

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Good luck. I have recently (May 20th) been diagnosed with metistatic melanoma stage IV. No known point of origin. It is in my lymph nodes but fortunately not in other organs. Just found out it is BRAF negative so immunotherapy starts today. I've had a cram course in melanoma, so if there is anything I can do just ask. Once the biopsy comes back, she is probably looking at CT scan and PET scan and probably MRI.  I have a caringbridge website that is a journal of my journey www.caringbridge.org\visit\francynchomic. I have found reading up on other stories/journals a mix of good and bad news as well as great information.  Good luck!

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